I was born in 1947 in Dallas, Texas. Like so many of my age it was to indelibly imprint upon me an impression of america that I grew to admire and love. Sure, we had some problems but the 2nd world war was over and our soldiers were coming home. The Cold War hadn't started and housing was going up all over America to house those returning patriots who wanted to start families and make a new life while basking in the success and freedom of liberty and our hard won safety.

Oddly enough, one of my earliest memories stems from the fact that our small home was located only a couple of hundred yards from the end of a now long vanished military airport in our suburb. The airport was primarily used as a ferry station for military aircraft being transfered to other postings. It operated 24 hours a day and the fighters and bombers would take off directly over our house, their landing lights lighting up the inside of our house and their powerful engines roaring through the night. As a child I thought it was terrifying but now, 65 years later, I think of it as the sound of freedom. Times change, people change.

When I was young there were things that I thought of as normal happening all around me. Those same things now happen under a shadow. The pledge of allegience opened every school day. Everyone participated. Now the pledge is no longer said in schools. It's been deleted from the lives of our children because those of a narrower view have forbidden it.

On sundays we went to church. People welcomed a belief in God even though the many different churches might have different views about exactly how they should worship. I and my family attended a Presbyterian church but many of my friends were not Presbyterian. That didn't matter much though. We were all "American". We played together, ate together, went to school together and were proud of our nation together. That seems to have lost a lot of favor in today's society. Instead of being "American" it's now fashionable to be divided by race, color, ethnicity, heritage and instead of pride in our country we are encouraged to worship diversity even though it means that we no longer know our neighbor, are encouraged, instead, to subsume pride in America to feel shame for our country.

In place of unity we have become a nation, no longer a "melting pot" but a society of secular groups which encourage separate identities. You can be African-American, Hispanic, Asian, Polish, Irish or any of hundreds of groups that strive to insist on the balkanization of America so that each group can have an identity separate from and not particularly dedicated to the single identify of being "American".

I remember being taught that our forefathers established this nation as a haven for the oppressed. People came here to establish a new life based on the freedom from oppression, a new life, new freedoms, hope and the fulfillment of their heart's desires whether those desires were religion, wealth, family, homes or whatever brought them here from half way around the earth to start over in a new land.

We knew the difference between "we", you, I, us and them. We knew how to work together and encouraged all to strive separately and together to make our contribution count because we were all Americans.

That ideal seems to have fallen by the wayside.

At a young age I joined the Cub Scouts and later the Boy Scouts of America. I earned awards, higher ranks and learned the principles that made us proud of our uniforms, deeds and actions. I learned first aid, camping, woods crafts and many other useful items from those organizations. Back then we weren't faced with demands from groups demanding that we recognize sexual preferences, ethnicity, religion and other single issues. We were all Scouters and that was our unity. The empathis.

Even today I can recite the Scout's "Laws"; a Scout is trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean and reverent. The Scout's oath is: On my honor I will do my best to do my duty, to help others at all times, To keep myself physically strong, mentally awake and morally straight.

Times change, people change. Evidently, most of the nation's legislators were not Boy Scouts.

I'll skip a lot of the intervening years and come directly to today (2013).

Many of those who are currently entrusted to safeguard our nation are instead intent on ignoring history, both world and American. They refuse to see to the nation's fiduciary health and are intent on pursuing measures that strip American's of their constitutional rights. They continue to encourage discourse that divides America against itself. Their proposed laws have turned government programs into a large give-away plan wherein the top 5% of successful American's are being stripped of their wealth to provide free services and goods to those citizens which do nothing to enrich themselves through their own labor. In pursuit of these ends the legislatures are turning America into a land of "entitlements". Instead of hard work entitling individuals to better themselves those individuals are now claiming to be entitled to food, shelter, money and services for the flimsiest of reasons.

Well, folks, being born American is not cause for being, lazy, greedy and arrogant. America was not founded on those principles and should not be forced to accept them. I will not apologize for saying this because this new view or our society is WRONG! This should not now and never be an idea propagated throughout our land!

Am I angry? That answer is YES! I'm seeing our once great country being driven into the ground because WE have aided and abetted criminals who have lied, cheated and behaved poorly in their desire to destroy the land I was taught to love and support.

Times have changed and I have changed as well. It's hard to keep believing in my beloved country while I watch criminals destroying it!

I'm tempted to send all those in the federal government a copy of the "Scout Oath" but, you know?,I doubt they'd understand the principles that it represents.

If you, like I, am angry and want to try and change the way things are today then it's time to become involved in America. Join organizations that oppose bad government, write to your law makers and tell them your views. Read the constitution over and over until you understand it. Speak out!

And lastly, if you believe in a God then pray in hope that he or she or whatever power you attribute to your god as that you, with the help of other "Americans" and the power of your god, can save our country!

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Comment by Julie Miller-Farris on February 26, 2013 at 6:38pm

Thanks Lyn, I'm angry too.... 

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