The long held maxim of law "Innocent until proven guilty" does not apply is the U.S. District Court in Las Vegas, Nevada. The individual masquerading as a Judge has decided that in her courtroom, Cliven Bundy and his sons shall be considered guilty until proven innocent. She has turned her back on the Constitution she took an oath to preserve, protect and defend.

The Constitution demands that the case be heard before an impartial jury, but apparently she believes that having an impartial judge does not apply in Nevada.She has assumed the role as an assistant to the prosecuting attorney and does everything in her power to obtain a guilty verdict for the men accused of exercising their First Amendment rights to speak freely, assembly peacefully and to petition their government for a Redress of grievances.


Contrary to popular opinion Federal judges are not appointed for lifetime terms. They serve during periods of good behavior ONLY! Judge Navarro's behavior has been so outrageous she should not only be impeached, but she should be indicted and prosecuted for crimes against America. President Trump should pardon all the Bundy Ranch defendants and should instruct the Attorney General to indict Gloria Navarro for treason.

I think that she should be sentenced to  two years into prison should be stripped search and have her cavity checked every day. 

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Comment by Don Wait on September 28, 2017 at 2:11am

The same applies to the NDAA " patriot Act' that Bush put in place. We can all be picked up and ' Incarcerated indefinitely" probably in a FEMA ' Re-educatioon camp with no trial by jury of our peers as provided by Article 6. We are ' guilty' until proven ' innocent' but no way to prove your innocence. eg no trial provided...

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