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Hello Patriots From Colonel Hunt -Let me introduce myself and introduct the Militia and what is and isnt

California State Miltia 31st FF HQ

My name is Colonel Hunt I command all Militia forces in California as the State Commander by reason of a battlefield appointment made by Major General William Flatt one of five sitting Militia Generals by act of the 4th Continental Congress .

You ask why do we need a Militia in any state ? or perhaps your asking yourself what is the Militia and its mission ?

Let me answer these questions by answering the last question first .  The Mission of a Constitutional Militia the short answer: Is we defend the state against armed attack of any kind be it foreign or domestic. The long answer is this our founding fathers paintakenly hammered out a Constitution and a Bill of rights in those bills of rights the Second Amendment was Penned.

A Well Regulated Militia,being necessary to the security of a free state,the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed .

 according to the Constitution Article 1 section 8 the Militia its mission is execute the laws of the union, Suppress insurrection and repel invasion. another words we are there to provide for the common defense if Government is unwilling to defend or unable to defend the people using normal channels like the Army or Marines. The Army and Marines you don't want on American streets because they completely smash things and destroy whole cities that is their mission,not to say the Military could not come to the aid of the militia if the country in peril.

Understand, the people defend the state the state does not defend the people . Now I know there are a few folks even on here that believe this can be handled in the courts or other means unfortunately the courts have failed even the federal government under article 1 has failed to arms and discipline the Militia As prescribed by the Constitution for that authority we retain the tenth amendment  which states all powers not delegated to the federal Government is to be retained by the states and the people , Furthermore by nailing their own nails into their own coffin they created what was known as the Dick act in the early part of the 20th century under President Woodrow Wilson the Dick Act became Title 10 section 311 of  the United States Military Code that title gives the classes of the Military Being the Army, Navy  Marines and National Guard it further states all others is the Unorganised Militia.

Let me say that again ALL OTHERS IS THE UNORGANIZED MILITIA. The powers that be got it wrong the Militia is not be unorganized but to be WELL REGULATED MILITIA underneath the second amendment .

Yes the Militia is needed if the Militia was to disappear from America and weapons ownership ceases to exist we would be open to overt invasion from every enemy country and overt martial law from our own government we would become a complete chaotic third world nation under a complete dictatorship not to say government is fast becoming that the Militia is their to hit the reset button after the government completely defaults -another words troops are put into the streets to collect the weapons and control the lives of every American.

The Militia is to remain defensive and reactive only deploying when everything else has failed and all option have failed for redress ,with that said redress after redress must continue until our public officials put troops in the streets. The American Colonists under King George Third suffered so many intolerable acts but still they waited til British marched into collect the guns and powder.

Now  a final word the police that serve and protect and beat people up and shoot people indiscriminately eventually will be forced to recognize the Militia as it goes into the street to conduct defensive warfare against a domestic enemy or foreign enemy if local authority choose to try to enforce local punitive law on the Militia as it does its Constitutional duties the  law enforcemnt then become a domestic enemy wearing colors of war. That is why educating police and sheriff is paramount in winning hearts and minds of restoring our republic.

Colonel Hunt 31st Field Forces California State Militia

That is why educating police and sheriffs is paramount in winning hearts and minds of restoring our republic. Col Hunt

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Comment by Colonel Hunt on January 30, 2014 at 4:02pm

Comment by Colonel Hunt on January 30, 2014 at 4:02pm

the above two are tainted

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