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Higher Ed - Without Government Intervention?

You're not hallucinating -- it's here now.  Sherman Institute is the first of its kind, probably at least in the last century, if not longer.  And because it is totally web-based, it's clear this learning center is one-of-a-kind: period.

The story of how this project came together is interesting on its own -- but that's posted for anyone to see.  In this forum, consider the realities of having a university, with full programs of learning, based on the time-tested Trivium/Quadrivium model, and that is AFFORDABLE enough for just about anyone who is serious about academics.

Practice what we preach?  Absolutely!  The borrower is servant to the lender.  Basic economics.  More advanced?  How about "Pieces of Eight: The Monetary Powers and Disabilities of the United States Constitution" (by Dr. Edwin Vieira) for the text used in "Federalist Economics" courses (EC-201 & EC-401)?  And we do NOT take any federal (or state) grants ourselves (no hypocrisy here...), nor do we have a "financial aid" office that pushes student loans (state or otherwise), helps students acquire them, etc.  In fact, many of our instructors actually use/require silver in payment for their courses.  That, my friends, is lack of hypocrisy.

Practice what we preach?  Absolutely!  How about off the grid living, and a course on Farm Science and Aquaculture (SC-109) to help people be food-independent.  Yep.  We have it.  And guess what?  The instructor actually has such a pond, raises a poly-culture within it, and around 50% of the food he eats comes from his farm.  Interesting ... it used to be "those who can't do, teach."  At Sherman Institute, those who pave the way, teach others how it's done!  We're different, that's for sure.

Practice what we preach?  Absolutely!  How about a Dean of Theology that has actually operated ministries for over 30 years?  Sherman Institute is not a collective of professional students that just happen to teach now.  It's a collection of people from the real world who have wisdom, knowledge and understanding -- and want nothing more than to pass on to the next generation what we have spent our lifetimes developing.

Practice what we preach?  Absolutely!  How about a Dean of English who will boldly proclaim: "the properly written sentence has not been created that I cannot dissect into its components."  Yes, she teaches "sentence analytics" along with other high-level (and introductory) grammatical, literary, and "to be expected" courses on the Queen's English.  But she also teaches more "outside the box" curricula.  Want to learn about Dialectics (CC-213)?  Logic?  How about a course using textbooks that were used during the pinnacle of the American university system -- during the 1800-1840 era?  We have them in our electronic library.

Go ahead -- pinch yourself.  Sherman Institute is for real.  And we are offering courses NO ONE else dares.  Know of anyone else using Dr. Vieira's treatise on Economics for Economics courses?  Hardly.  Know anyone else teaching "Conspiracies in Contemporary American Politics" (PS-354) like Dr. Ruff?  Know of anyone teaching "Advanced Parliamentary Procedure" (EN-260) as part of their political science department, so an activist can decide on options when a good bill is "stuck in committee" (as usual) at the state or federal level?

Know anyone offering a Masters in Civic Affairs and Public Service, basing the Master's curricula on the skills needed to actually BE a "public servant" (instead of an "administrator" in the "Phillip Drew" sense)?  See any "Certified Activist" programs in other schools?  What about obtaining a "Classic Bachelors" with a total "historical" approach, using the actual textbooks used during the 1800's?  How about finding a school that uses James Madison's notes of the 1787 constitutional convention to analyze "original intent" when studying for a minor in Constitution Studies -- or Gibbon's "Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire" while working on a History major or minor?

Yep -- we're doing it here.  Http:// for the full scoop.  You might think you would find us under Politically Incorrect University.  That's only part of the story.

Who else but Sherman Institute can wrap courses like these, and programs like we have described (just scratching the surface actually...) into a full-on, Internet-based, learning institution?  Winter Semester begins the week of Dec. 2. And if we are to EVER repair America, it must start at the learning level.  Our young people need to have a nationalist (not "globalist") approach, and get a foundation of classical studies under them so they can identify a rhetorical snow-job when a politician gives it to them.  That's a REAL solution to a REAL problem -- the dumbing down of this Nation must be reversed.  A new semester starts next week.  You, or people you know, can be part of it!

If you are academically-inclined, and have been looking for a place to teach, contact us. If you have college-aged progeny who are looking for a GOOD education, contact us. If you have a home-schooled high-schooler, and want them to get a jump on their Bachelor's studies, contact us. If you want to complete an education that you personally started years ago, and want to do so in a pay-as-you-go situation, walking away DEBT FREE, contact us. 

But if you work for the Southern Poverty Law Center, please abstain from either contacting us, posing as an interested student to pump us for information before writing another hit piece on us, or from otherwise making gigantic arses of thyself once again.  We really care less what you might think of our courses or curricula.

If, however, your entire legal staff, including secretaries, want to enroll in our course on Biblical Ethics, our entire academic staff would just LOVE to provide this program to a group of people who DESPERATELY need it!



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