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I say forget the political mess for now and concentrate on the thousands of illegal's crossing the borders without and opposition. You think the DPS and Border patrol are doing their job? The hardest job the DPS is doing is holding down the chairs in the local coffee and donut shops.The border patrol (every damn one of them) are waving illegal's through the check points  as fast as they can drive through escorted by the coyotes. The only way this will stop is by active participation of Patriots and those of us who still believe in the constitution. 98% of us doing our jobs to protect the border are vets who the fat cats in Washington believe we are a bunch of idiots running loose in the woods shooting in the air.  I guess they forgot who made it possible for the USA to continue business as usual while the Military gave it's all in many thousands of cases.. The only people in this America now standing up for your rights and making an attempt to shut down the flow of diseased illegal's and Hamas are you oath keeping American vets for the most.Our oath never dies but its apparent the Border patrol and DPS have a switch they can flip on and do nothing but taxi the illegal's into our borders. Did you know that any illegal order given and oath taker does not have to be followed and that they cant be punished for disobeying an illegal order? I would hope you all call Governor Perry (doing nothing) but making more headlined while the flow of illegal's continue.

We can make a difference but not at the keyboard. I believe this is my second post since this page started and probably my last because as long as I am at this computer thousands of illegal's cross over into my America,

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