As a parent, DO YOU NEED TO ASK YOUR CHILDREN'S PERMISSION, before you do something?? Heaven forbid!! I am on my way to court in a few minutes, to plead? I refuse to plead! Here is my script that the judge is going to hear, if/when he asks me to plead:

I am the Administrator and the Beneficiary for that trust account.

I am here by Special Appearance ONLY, to challenge the jurisdiction of this court.

I intend to answer in the form of a demurrer such that I do not acquiesce to any quasi jurisdiction, because that is an issue to be brought up in my pleadings and briefs to file with the court.

I am presuming that the charge for the Bill of Attainder will be more than $20.00, so I demand a trial by jury, and I will not permit anyone to be on the jury who does not have a solid working knowledge of the Constitution of the united States of America and the Bill of Rights.

I will have my Cleon Skousen Constitution manual with me, in hand, just in case he has any questions about Bills of Attainder, and their legitimacy.

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Comment by Wayne Bachmann on December 21, 2013 at 7:32pm

I just got an update from the Sheriff. He said they have a video of it, and are in the process of an investigation. That is good new. Quite often law enforcement likes to acquiesce, if they are in the wrong, and that is what I was beginning to think was happening here. I hope not.

Comment by Wayne Bachmann on December 21, 2013 at 11:41am

If you have Black's Law dictionary, look up demurrer. I got it from Googling Carl Miller. He has three excellent videos on the Constitution, and how to use it. You can also Google up a lot of his paperwork by "Constitutional Law by Carl Miller. He has all the main case laws already listed, and on his video, shows you how to use them.

Comment by Wayne Bachmann on December 21, 2013 at 11:29am

On the form I had to sign, agreeing to show up for the meeting with the Public Defender (Pretender), I signed it like this:

All Rights Reserved

Without Prejudice


UCC 1-207, UCC 1-308, UCC 1-103.6      then signed my name at the last, so they don't have a chance to jerk the paper away before I get my rights reserved.

What I failed to mention in the previous post, after court, is this:

In answering to the judge's question if I am WAYNE BACHMANN, I answered that I am the Administrator and Beneficiary for the all upper case WAYNE BACHMANN trust account, but that I am Wayne Bachmann, the natural born man, spelled with upper/lower case letters. That is what got us on a path of him wanting to know more about the trust account, since he said he had never heard of it. I do not, for one minute, think he was being honest with me, but fishing for my knowledge of the subject.

Comment by Wayne Bachmann on December 21, 2013 at 11:12am

WOW! I'm going to need to digest that a while! That sounds like a lawyer talking!

Off hand I would say he won, as it sounds like they got caught with their hand in the cookie jar, knew it, and didn't want to be held liable! He deserves a big cudos? is that how it is said/spelled? Tell him I congratulate him!

Comment by Christopher A. Brown on December 21, 2013 at 10:56am
There was also a notice of dismissal.
Comment by Christopher A. Brown on December 21, 2013 at 10:55am
Good show Wayne. Very intersted in the responses to your requests.

I have yo apologize because when I saw this thread I remembered you had mentioned this case and your planned statement in lieu of a plea, which was not yet finished at the time. I offered to post the "no contract plea" a friend used. He developed it by using grammar originated by David Wynn Miller.
After reading your plea, I think it is valid, but the complexity might provide some kind excuse for the judge.
Here is the "no contract plea" .

"For the witness with the knowledge of the law is with the claim of the truth by this witness "

He lost the case, defaulted on the appeal, but still, 90 days after the appeal he missed, ALL of his money was returned by a check from the court. I saw a photocopy of it.
Comment by Wayne Bachmann on December 21, 2013 at 10:36am

It has now been over two weeks since the incidence, and I still do not have the assaulting Deputy's name, badge number, DPSST number, copy of his Oath. They seem to be in a mode of acquiescing. I personally do not think that looks good for someone who is signed up on the Constitutional Sheriff's site.

Comment by Wayne Bachmann on December 19, 2013 at 6:50am

Yesterday, when I went in to get a copy of the Oath for the judge, his secretary did not seem well pleased. I have to fill out a form, and wait...1-10 days. I have always been able to just walk in and get them.

I just noticed an embarrassing typo. The previous response should read:

We only had two disagreements and they WERE on jurisdiction...............

Comment by Wayne Bachmann on December 17, 2013 at 5:16pm

I just got back from court a little while ago. It did not go as expected. The judge and I got into a discussion about the upper and upper/lower case name. I think he was playing dumb to find out how much I know.  He wanted to know how I plead and I told him I don't plead. I intend to answer in the form of a demurrer such that I do not acquiesce to a quasi jurisdiction (expecting a blow-up, but he didn't).........

He didn't even seem to flinch when I told him that I was there by Special Appearance Only, to challenge the jurisdiction of the court.

He did do a flinch when I called the ticket a Bill of Attainder, demanded trial by jury, since it is over twenty dollars, and refused to allow anyone to be in the jury if they do not have a solid working knowledge of the Constitution and Bill of Rights. The Judge wanted me to repeat that one! 

We only had two disagreements and they was on jurisdiction, and him pleading guilty for me. He admitted that I had reserved my rights, at least on my Drivers License, but claimed jurisdiction because of where the traffic stop took place, so I think he is acting like he doesn't know what I mean by jurisdiction. As for pleading guilty for me, I objected, and he started blowing up, so I told him I would accept his guilty plea in my behalf, IF he accepted that I did it under duress. He didn't answer. Either way, it is a null and void. He demanded that I have a counseling session with a Public Defender, and that may work to my benefit. All Public Defenders have a superseding oath to do whatever the judge says, and I am aware of it, so I'm not going to let too much info out of the bag. There were so many Constitution violations, and I am getting a lot of the case laws written down.

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