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This was originally posted on Facebook on Monday, February 15, 2016

I have a suggestion for Militia that will add some realism to what they do. The next time the State Police or some agency sets up a "sobriety checkpoint" or other unlawful roadblock, deploy a couple of squads to confront the action with force, while assigning a couple more to provide support and cover against the oligarchy's reinforcements. One platoon that will show the people of the community the Militia is there to DEFEND THEIR RIGHTS and to show Law Enforcement that we're done talking.

How many that read that paragraph are reeling at the thought of actually opposing tyranny? How many are heading over to the FBI's website to report what I wrote? How many cannot see the legitimacy of what I just suggested because they're too damn afraid of being arrested or worse? How many people in your unit, especially in command positions are cozy with law enforcement or active military and encourage the same from their unit?

When you make friends with the enemy and sympathize with their plight, you become that enemy yourself. If you're serving under a commander like that, are you truly a part of the American Militia or supporting the very treason and tyranny the Militia is supposed to fight?

We're at war whether you like it or not. Refusing to resist and fight the enemy is aiding that enemy and allowing them to freely move about and attack the people you're supposed to be protecting. The fact that enemy is what everybody believes is the Federal government is paralyzing the resistance; a fact not lost on the infiltrators that are in positions of command.

IN MY OPINION, THERE IS NO LEGITIMATE REASON FOR THE MILITIA THROUGHOUT THE REPUBLIC TO BE INACTIVE TODAY. We are under occupation from a foreign hostile force that has been allowed to infiltrate and control every vital institution in this land, including the military everyone is hoping will charge in and save the day.

There are no knights in shining armor in the military, only bureaucrats and loyal officers of the military industrial complex. Our last line of defense and hope for the freedom of not only the American Republic but the whole world is the American People at arms; nearly 100 million strong and armed to the teeth. Are there any loyal Americans left that will fight for American principles and not for the global aspirations of those subduing nations and destroying freedom in the world?

Seems the Militia leadership, like this man, is overly concerned with violating "Federal" law, while the so-called "Federal government" has no problem at all violating the law... some people claiming to be leaders have their priorities all fucked up and have absolutely no idea what they're doing... yet most of the rank and file are buying their bullshit and doing NOTHING to oppose the tyranny coming FROM the District of Columbia.

Too many people claiming to be there to defend our life, liberty, and property are more interested in obeying and respecting those attacking us under the color of law. The whole damn point in Oregon was to OPPOSE usurpation of State land, in this case OREGON land, by the District of Columbia in VIOLATION of the Constitution, Article I, Section 8, and clause 17... yet this idiot is more concerned with obeying the "laws" and statutes of the oligarchy... just fucking incredible is all I have to say.

But hey... he sure is banking on us being impressed with his appearance at the Bundy Ranch and playing soldier/commander at the mine. There is a lot more to being a leader that obeying the ENEMY'S laws and worrying more about what your militia buddies think than the people you're supposed to be protecting!!! The rancher's lives, property, and pursuit of happiness are ALL being threatened and attacked by the BLM, a contractor for the District of Columbia. It is the DUTY of the Militia to defend the life, liberty, and property of the People within their communities. It's just too bad the People of Oregon have to be defended by People from OUTSIDE of Oregon.

In my opinion, from what I saw leading up to the death of LaVoy, the Oregon Militia are a bunch of pansy worthless fools training for a war they'll never fight.

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