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Insurance, the Contstitution and a Lot of Wrong Ideas

So, the dictator in chief has decided that he will just pass his own law and have people keep the insurance plans they are losing while he figures out how to get his master piece actually working.

Let's just forget for a second that the executive branch has absolutely no power to make laws, or to unmake them, the plethora of executive orders notwithstanding.

Let's also forget that he does not have the power to force insurance companies to take people back, to recalculate their own finances on the basis of this whole thing going around again in a few months, or to insure that they offer premiums no higher than what they had before--which we already know isn't going to happen.

Obama's argument and his lame comparison to a used car deal--which a person will eventually turn in for a new one anyway, according to him, is that he is allowing (on whose authority?) the poor ignorant, but unhappy public to keep a plan which he considers inferior instead of a new plan which will provide pre-natal care for men, abortion for all, contraceptives for the immoral, and drug counseling for people who have never smoked, drank or used anything stronger than an Tylenol pill--whether they want that coverage or not. Therein lies the problem, the irrefutable evidence of Obama's (and half the country's ) ignorance, and the absolute proof that his whole scheme is nothing but a plot to disenfranchise and impoverish every working person in America in favor of every welfare recipient, illegal alien, and corrupt government scheme over which the left is positively salivating. 

The problem? This is the part the average American does not understand.  I do know it because for my day job, I am an insurance agent and have had the lesson beaten into me whenever I tried to argue with a company that refused some sort of coverage to a would-be client. The definition of insurance is protection against the possible but unlikely occurrence, that, should it take place, would leave a person financially destitute. You don't have car insurance for regular tune ups, oil changes, or checks of your tire pressure. You don't have insurance for replacing the filters in the furnace in your house, for doing your dishes, for killing the weeds that creep into your pretty green lawn. And, you don't go out and buy insurance AFTER you have a car accident or a house fire. You expect, as you should, that those day to day events are going to happen, and if you are smart, you allow for them and take care of them in a timely fashion, and if the unthinkable does happen, you call your company and get help with replacing your car or house.

It is only with health insurance that people think someone else--your friends and neighbors via their premiums--should pay for the mundane. People expect coverage for a routine physical, eye exams, preventive testing, and yes even for contraceptives so young hussies cans screw every tom, dick, and harry with impunity.  BUT that is NOT the purpose of insurance, nor should it be.

Thus the millions of people who have "catastrophic" plans, that is, plans that don't pay for every routine office visit, but kick in for an illness or injury requiring hospitalization or continuous care, actually have insurance that is doing exactly what insurance was designed to do. They are the responsible people who can plan to pay for their own eye exam and buy a pair of new glasses now and then, but who would like some insurance help if they have a major eye disease and need surgery.  Such plans have historically been lower priced because the insurance company knows that for the average person, they will probably never have to pay much in the way of claims. However, for the catastrophic event, the person who gets cancer, has kidney failure, lands in the hospital for a bout with pneumonia, for those events the insurance will pay well, using the money and investment returns from all of the other people who have paid premiums. That is what insurance is all about. Very few people in this country know that--thanks to the Health Maintenance Organizations that want to "manage care" rather than simply pay for catastrophic illness.

Does Obama know the real purpose of insurance? Maybe, but I doubt it. However, the notion of forcing people to get "better" plans just because he doesn't like the ones they have can only have one purpose. It is a matter of control--Orwellian style. In forcing wage earners to get what they don't want--policies containing "benefits" they could not use in their wildest dreams (how many men do you know who have been pregnant), Obama is doing nothing more than what he said he would do right from the start --redistributing wealth, and not to the poor and needy of our country, either. Do you really think for one second that all the new benefits your plans are required to have will do you any good?  The benefit may be in the policy, but you will be on a waiting list where you might never have any opportunity to take advantage of it.

It's not about giving you a Cadillac plan when you preferred a Volkswagon. It's about forcing you to PAY for a Cadillac plan so the government can take your money and spend it in a zillion new fraudulent ways. How much money do you suppose alien organizations will get. How much do you think will go to CAIR or other Muslim groups? How much more do you think will get funneled to the courts to continue pressuring judges to ignore the truth of his very identity? The high premiums you are going to pay are NOT going to give you one bit of additional health care--unless you want an abortion or contraceptives. They aren't going to give the arthritic senior a new knee or hip joint one day faster. They aren't going to make the costly insulin drugs one penny cheaper. They are going to provide a bottomless well of funds for this obscenely corrupt administration to spend any way they choose, knowing they have a Congress that will not stand up to them any longer than it takes a strong wind to tip over a trash can.

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