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Intentionally poisoned with glyphosate for the purpose of eliminating me so my neighbor could acquire my property.

This story is 100% true. I have the evidence to prove these local government officials actually knew about and allowed one of their own to unlawfully apply glyphosate to my property without my permission and in spite of a civil court ruling citing my right to use my property as I wished. The property was legally nonconforming and it was purchased from the Mayor of my city. The mayor implicates himself multiple time on public record by stating that any new structures can not be larger that the existing structures in regard to non conforming lots.  This man and this property every standard procedure, ordinance and law was tossed out the door. When this golden boy tried to get the illegal redevelopment recorded on the county plat map and it was rejected is when they determined the remedy was to eliminate me from my property. They decided using chemicals weapons with intent to cause serious injury or death would allow him to acquire my private property. The building permits are noncompliant to State requirements. The building permits have been forged. The County Detective was in the city acting as a building authority because the appointed one refused to address my concerns. The detective not only did not have jurisdiction, but he is the brother of this golden boy. I hired an attorney early on who failed to file the complaint he was hired to file, he failed to file a stop work injunction he clearly got a better deal from the opposing party. He never submitted any evidence to the court when he had the opportunity. The city police chief refused to file a trespassing complaint on my behalf but he had no problem filing violations of fabricated ordinances against me. The Mayor took the money he was paid for the worthless property and hot footed it out of office after 8 terms to build his own new home on the river, he was not gone long though. He was only out for 2 or 3 years. They are not going to get to far from the honey pot. My character was defamed and the County detective knowingly made false statements that I was involved with a family members illegal drug activity. The mayor and his wife defamed my character as well as the other local officials by stating to the general public that I was "crazy". Ironically the family member that is associated with illegal drug activity and a former friend of mine started that rumor and the former friend was feeding all kinds of fabrications about me to the mayors wife.  I suffered from the glyphosate exposure for over 5 years, it caused me serious health issues. It began with a severe skin condition that affected me to the point it was unbearable to wear clothes within the first summer of the constant exposure. The IV steroids administered to my by the local ER causes me to have hallucinations because they overdosed me. And the massive amounts administered caused me to go blind. You will never know the feeling of terror unless you are in a situation in which you know the neighbor is determined to acquire your property or he will never get his recorded on the county plat map. You know that he burned his existing home. You know that his intent is to eliminate you. You have no physical ability to even see if he may be outside your home lighting a match to burn your house with you in it. This was a conspiracy against my rights, this was deprivation of my rights under color of law. and they took my property home and business by force. This is a violation of my Federally protected rights and by God I am not going to allow them to violate, and figuratively rape me. So I need to know, who it is, that has the highest authority and the duty to protect my rights and protect me from harm because I am going to knock on the office door. If he has any kind of excuse why he cannot get me compensation for the violations that have been inflicted on me by my local government officials I am going to fist fight him or her right their in the doorway. I am serious as a heart attack. This has never happened to a citizen in the USA. The FBI advised me that based on hearsay he determined no Federal law has been violated. The AUSA has advised he would use attorney discretion in this case. He advised he can violate a civil court order and my Federally protected rights. Where does he get that right by law? He does not have that right morally. In my opinion he as much of a conspirator as these low life government imposters. I will fist fight him at his office door also. Nobody is going to violate my right to my private property without it costing them as much as they must have thought it was worth. They had no concern with sacrificing my life on behalf of this golden boy who was held above the law in every criminal offense committed against me. No reasonable person in this city and county would have ever considered doing this to a neighbor, let alone gotten away with.  I could use any assistance available. I have the complaint written and the evidence to prove my allegation but I am only one mad woman. This is the last time I am going to ask that justice be served through the courts. I have my own way of handing out justice. So that decision is completely up to the person who has the duty and the authority to have the wheels of justice serve the victim of one of the most brutal immoral crimes that I am aware of has ever been committed in the USA against a single middle aged female.

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