Introduction to “Traditional VERSUS Non-traditional Volunteerism”

Introduction to “Traditional VERSUS Non-traditional Volunteerism”

Time is our most precious asset we have to set things right in this country.     Another way to live in peace has been birthed to help us  live and prosper beyond, and in spite of, Banking Cartels and the Trilateral Commission.  Consider the new socioeconomic paradigm-shift model offered in the following document that could take America to healthier socioeconomic times  ahead.     

Our personal and professional values are our most important assets now to remember  and know  once  in our future.  Harvest Time this Fall  is revitalizing the joy and gratitude we feel as awakening Americans working to reclaim what our forefathers imagined and fought for. 

Our trust and faith  is being restored through the efforts of many groups like the Constitution Club working hard, responding to a spiritual  wake-up call, to   recover and restore the values that makes evolution of human spirit great  … despite evil attempts to bring it down.  

We are hard at work,  cutting “spiritual wheat from the shaft”, focusing  ourselves on what makes our hearts sing.  We remember,  and we know what is real,  enriching and enduring to sustain  our culture.  Make It So.

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Herein is an idea worth considering.   “Local FreeZone Economies”  is an idea that will strengthen the Constitution beyond any federal, state or county intrusion and interference … to  allow natural God-given cause and effect feedback mechanisms to guide and stoke our commitment to freedom loving   communities . . . for nations’ sake, with God in Trust.

Your response and critique of is offered up  for your consideration as a way to reclaim our Hearts Song-yearning-for-Freedom. Local retail levels only, decentralized , and complimentary to monetary systems,  set up and operated  by local volunteers with bring peace and justice back home where it was supposed to be in the first place.


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