Iran treaty on Nuclear matters, a Good idea, or a Bad one?

These two headlines come about and crash with each other head on.
The one above comes from a staunch conservative news organization, and seems to think it's a good treaty, but it does come with some serious reservations.
The one below seems to think it's a bad treaty, and this is the correct point of view in many peoples view.

Which one is right?
It is ironic that it was our foreign policies that put us at odds with Iran, by forcing the Shah of Iran into power we created a lasting hatred of our Country and our political system. We tend to try and force our hand picked tyrants into power in these countries, and when the populace rejects our tyrants there is a lot of blood shed and the resentment builds against us.
The wrong choice carries the balance of world peace on it's shoulders, and we can't afford the wrong choice. Iran, just like North Korea shouldn't have such weapons. When, not if, WW3 breaks out it will be the instability of Countries such as these that will start it up. Do we, can we just sign "treaties" that place us and the world at risk of loosing the precious peace which is so delicately balanced as it is right now?
We do live in some interesting times don't we? In either case above, none our choices assures any one long term peace, so war is inevitable. Your turn.

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Comment by Jim Porter on July 16, 2015 at 12:23pm

Thanks for your comment.

I wasn't trying to impress with a long post, it was just a copy and paste of another communication. I guess I need to work on that message as it was not meant to be a personal beef, but more of an offering of information to expose corruption in government.

Comment by Eric R Rhodes on July 16, 2015 at 11:44am

I agree the treaty is not only defective and treasonous, but it places the world's peace and safety at risk, however your letter is a personal legal beef, and it is by far the longest post I have ever seen on the board. I fail to see how posting such here is going to change anything to do with your situation. Best of luck though.

Comment by Jim Porter on July 16, 2015 at 11:20am

I received a message about the agreement being treason, and it is.

I responded,

July 14, 2015

David Horowitz Freedom Center

David Horowitz, please

P. O. Box 55089

Sherman Oaks, CA. 91499 – 1964

Dear Sir,

This letter is not a request for your help, but to offer you information.

This information came to me over a 13 year search into government operations because of a private property taking I suffered by actions of my local and state domestic government body(s) employees. The taking happened without the exposed government employees showing any concern for their criminal prosecution, just like Obama and Kerry today. I spent 6 years trying to have them prosecuted with no success, and along the way I met several honest government employees who exposed areas for me to investigate.

From 2009 until today I spent a lot of time, money and effort to understand why things do or don’t happen with respect to the American governmental system. Then today I was sent an article from your organization about the treason of Kerry and Obama, and after reading the article I was convinced you know what is happening and who is doing it, but the how and why seems to be missing from your article.

The American People know about what and who, but if you want to expose the how and why, I can help you do that.

It is the how and why that is preventing me from criminally convicting the government criminals, but once enough People know the Why these crimes are committed and How the crimes are covered up, the sooner the People can replace this problem with a solution.

It is this simple situation which has eliminated the People’s law enforcement against criminal government employees. I have proven the government structure as a vertically integrated syndicated crime ring from the local domestic government body, through the county and the state domestic government bodies to the federal level.

These government bodies all operate alike, and at the direction of one relatively small group. Actually by ratio this group is small as compared to the number of American citizen. It’s close to 1.2 million against 320 million at last count.

It is a simple reason why you can’t arrest the president for treason, with proof treason has been committed.

I have document(s) copies, and know of the document locations to absolutely expose our government fraud to the People. In fact I have been exposing these frauds to anyone that will listen.

Most of my work has been in my state of Colorado, but I have access to documents in 14 other states so far.

Because of my property taking, without condemnation proceeding or through eminent domain for the good of the People, I started a wide spread government corruption search. My criminal, domestic government used broad technics for the property taking, so my research took a broad approach to isolate the true criminal(s) behind the plot.

I went to the local police, and discovered they had no interest in exposing government crime because several police department employees were committing crime. From there I reported government crime to the D.O.J., and found criminals working there. Wyatt Angelo is the local federal agent involved in covering up crime here.

I found honest Special Agents willing to file a request for criminal prosecution, but once again criminal management, Wyatt, refused to bring other criminal government employees to trial. Because of this refusal to protect the People, I dug a little deeper.

I went to the state department of law, only be thrown out of that building on my first report of criminal government behavior. Eventually I reported the entire Colorado Department of Law to the current Governor as a syndicated crime ring. This was my warning to the governor that his syndicate was exposed, and you should see the response, dated last April, I received from the governor. He knows and I have the proof.

Added to this situation, and my attempts to expose criminal government employee fraud, I reported these crimes to my local sheriff. He was very honest and requested a state investigation into my claims of government corruption.

At this point, there is a very simple thing I need to point out about my state government. The People of Colorado have no direct access to state law enforcement, and this is a situation I questioned for years, but only found the answer to why this is the case a couple months ago.

Back to my statement earlier, knowing something (the what) is wrong is not enough proof to educate the People. What is also needed is the why, how and who.

The importance of my meeting with the sheriff was his request for a state investigation creating a case number. The state is not providing all the information, but around Jan. 2011, I started turning over documents to the Colorado Bureau of Investigation (C.B.I.) and having meetings with Special Agent Rosa Perez in Grand Junction, CO. In these meeting I exposed perfect time-line charts so the state law enforcement division could organize a criminal prosecution of the individuals responsible for my government property taking without condemnation.

It was late in 2012, if my memory serves me correctly, that the C.B.I. requested the D.A. bring criminal charges against several, then current, or previous government employees. But in early 2013 the C.B.I. called me in to say there would be no criminal prosecution of anyone involved in my property taking, and my documents were being returned with a big sorry, we tried. Until a month ago I believed the C.B.I. story, but now I have evidence to make me think there was more to the excuse of no prosecution than was first stated.

The C.B.I. is a division of the Colorado department of public safety, and now I have evidence the executive director has a criminal history. And this leads back to my April response from the governor and my report of a syndicated government crime ring. You see, the executive director just mentioned is a cabinet appointment by the governor.

Are you getting a feeling of the similar operating styles of government at the local and federal level?

All of this can be confirmed by a simple message to the agents of the C.B.I., I am currently messaging to open my cold case number with this new information.

As there is a shadow of a doubt as to who is giving criminal orders to promote and continue the criminal cover-up, I think Rosa Perez is honest and I think Greg Sadar is honest.

Rosa has disclosed federal R.I.C.O. violations to me, and these are crimes I never reported. She took the investigation to a higher level based on my government documents.

Added to her character, I spoke with Agent in Charge Sadar last May and he confirmed I had the right to open my cold case with the new criminal information I have discovered.

So there is the question why I am not receiving an appointment to expose the government?

And the answer to that is the first arrest I will demand. The D.A. arrest for criminal prosecution for insurance fraud and statutory office fraud by insurance fraud will shut down the state as all D.A.s operate the same. This is proven by a document from the S.E.C.

It seems the special agents know of the crimes, but the government management employee(s) in superior positions to these agents, refuse to have their fraud exposed.

And this is happening because of constitutional violations from over 200 years ago, which is what you can exposure to help the People.

I have original documents to break the current federal administration and expose their fraud, if you can help with the exposure.

To confirm my current efforts, asking to have my state law enforcement arrest the Achilles heel of our government, contact the C.B.I. agents at the following addresses. I haven’t sent them the documents but I have had made a legal request for a meeting to do just that.

Rosa Perez is at

Greg Sadar is at

As of this writing there has been no meeting scheduled.

Added to all this information, I have all the documents to expose the hidden government corporations used by criminal government employees to hide the Peoples assets (money).

I have a governor signed C.A.F.R. showing roughly 38 billion in revenue, but the hidden corporation(s) have books with just one corporation having a 1.794 trillion dollar line of credit.

You can’t have that much credit with only 38 billion to pay it back with. Added to that, there are many dozens of other corporation I have the records for, then added to that I have these types of corporations exposed in 15 total states at this point.

All of these corporations are under the control of the People’s true problem, and that problem is the B.A.R. union monopoly. A quick review of Colorado statute exposes the fraud with the requirements of the D.A. This fraud then extends to the state judiciary and this is what may be ( I know it is) causing the problem with my state law enforcement division.

I have a simple solution to the C.B.I. problem, but they won’t meet, so the fraud is continued to this day.

I have books and document copies to remove Obama, Kerry, Holder, and dozens of others from office. These removals will result in criminal convictions and incarceration. One of the documents is actually a law book, authorized by the u.S. Congress in either 1866 or 1867, as the book was published in 1868.

The book states the Colorado Territorial Revised Statutes for 1868 and makes all attorneys foreign citizens, period. That is a bold statement I can back up, and it is the statement the current attorney(s) fear. Not only can I back up the statement, but the fact is the one confirmed in the earlier mentioned John Q. Adams document. And it is this simple fact that caused the attorneys to need the 1861 American Civil War. The American Civil War failed to provide the results as needed by the attorney union of 1865, but this union developed a lie that is the very reason the Obama/Kerry treason was committed this week.

If you are interested in tying the present and the past together, I can give you the information.


Jim Porter

Ridgway, Colorado

I expect to be homeless in the next few days, because of my efforts and the fear my current landlord has for the safety of the others living in the building. I have been the victim of several shooting attempts on my life, so I have to move out in the near future.

I have not found other living accommodations at this time, so use my e-address. I can get to wireless without a residence address.


I guess as this letter has gotten long, I will give you a small indication of those hidden government corporations. These records are straight from Dunn and Bradstreet, which received the numbers from the corporate offices requesting the credit rating/limit. When the shit hits the hits the fan, either D&B will accept responsibility for government fraud, or they will push the blame for government fraud to the government. These records have it down to one or the other as criminals.


Company Details


Company Name               STATE OF COLORADO


Address               633 DENVER 17TH ST STE 1600, DENVER, CO 80202

Address Type    Headquarters

Federal Tax-ID  

Charter Number               19871751944

Incorporation Date          9/17/1987

File Reported Date          pre 1977


Phone Number (303) 866-5000

Business Type  



Group Information

Ultimate Holding Company                                                                         

Safe Number     Company Name               Rating   DBT        Credit Limit         Legal Count

US21454292        STATE OF COLORADO     52           3              $179.4k                 0 ($0)



The business has been on file for over 38 years.               

The business is part of a group.

The DBT for the business (3) is similar to other business in the same industry (3.02).       

The DBT for the business (3) is similar to other business in the same state (6.64).              

The DBT Trend has remained stable over the last four months   


This Company    Number               Balance All US Companies in Group          Number               Balance

Total Trades       60           $238,600              Total Trades       504         $14,802,100

Continuous Trades          33           $157,400              Continuous Trades          255         $14,594,300

Collections          4              $2,009   Collections          11           $7,572

Most recent single High Credit   $2,629,700                           Most recent single High Credit   $17,186,900       

Median Credit Amount $2,950                   Median Credit Amount $72,700


Notice the two names for the state, the first produces the governor signed C.A.F.R. shown to the People and the seconds is the true business venture. The notice in the report the number of similar businesses. Then realize these dollar amounts have been divided by 1 million.

The People are the shareholders but the attorneys are using the money without the knowledge of the People. And this can all be simply exposed with insurance fraud. It’s not sexy, but it is real.

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