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Is Stephen Paddock really dead? You decide...

Here are 3 pictures of Stephen Paddock the alleged Las Vegas shooter.

We don't now how old these pictures are, but in the first 2 he appears to be sitting at the same spot of the same gambling table in the video below, which is claimed to be at Hurrah's Casino in Atlantic City NJ.

He even has the same shirt on in the video as he does in these pictures.

Also notice the hand at the bottom left of the picture, this is a woman's hand, and she is grabbing the chips with her left hand. Paddocks philipino girlfriend is left handed and also appears to be sitting at the same spot at the same table in the video.

The person that filmed the video below seems to recognize Paddock and his girlfriend, and makes a point to first film a flyer of the casino with date on it, then he slowly turns the camera to film Paddock and his girlfriend.

The only problem with this 17 sec. video is that the date on the flyer is Oct. 6 2017. According to the FBI, and the LVMPD, Paddock committed suicide on Oct. 1 2017! 

Click this link to watch video:

Obviously there are only 3 possibilities:

1.Paddock is dead, and this man and woman are body doubles, but that's absurd, why would both of them have body doubles?

2. Paddock is dead, and the flyer was printed weeks before the event, and was used to make it look like it was Oct. 6, but if that's true, why would the person film him, his face had not been flashed all over the TV and internet, he hadn't committed a crime yet.

3. Paddock isn't dead, and the FBI, and Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Dept. are lying, and are part of a massive conspiracy.

Any way you slice it, something about the Las Vegas shooting isn't right, you decide...

More Pictures of Stephen Paddock for Comparison.

He's Either Alive, or He's the Patsy

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Comment by MOVINGTARGET on October 14, 2017 at 11:31am

Here's a good video that's worth watching that reinforces the second shooter position, Mike Adams gets it right...

Forensic acoustic proof of second shooter in the Las Vegas massacre, excellent video by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger:

Comment by MOVINGTARGET on October 13, 2017 at 11:40am

Skyvue abandon construction site dirt mound is higher that chain link fence.

Better dirt mound ground level image location:

Perfect for prone position...


Comment by MOVINGTARGET on October 13, 2017 at 11:31am

Possible second shooter location at the abandoned Skyvue Ferris Wheel construction site behind concert stage and in better range, looks to be about 200 yards, and on top of dirt mounds.

Click on links to see images below...

Aerial view of Skyvue towers location near stage, image location:

Skyvue towers another possible shooter position, image location:

Enlarged Skyvue towers image:

Ground level from Skyvue dirt mound image location:


Comment by MOVINGTARGET on October 13, 2017 at 11:15am

Also, did the FBI break into the alleged Las Vegas shooters home over the weekend to plant evidence?


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