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Everyone on the planet has time and talent. When an individual uses them to produce goods and services, he has created something that other people want and need. This is the origin of wealth. Money is what we use to measure wealth . Those that produce more of the things that other people want, the greater will be their reward. Individuals that want more wealth need to produce more of the things that people value.

When the rights of the people to use their time and talent to produce things of value are respected, people experience peace, prosperity and freedom. The role of the government is to protect the rights of the people so that they can pursue their dreams without governmental interference.

Any individual that desires more money must find a way to increase his or her production. An individual that uses labor to benefit others is rewarded with tokens that we call money. Those that serve more people receive more money, while the less productive individuals struggle financially.

When an individual uses their time,talent and ingenuity to produce things of value they can sell that which they produce to others. That which they receive in return can be other goods and services or money.

For an individual to accumulate more wealth all they need to do is to increase their production of things other people are willing to purchase.

Perhaps the single most important thing that we do to realize our potential is to discover are God given talent. The key to success and happiness is using our time and talents to bless the lives of as many people as possible.. The greater our capacity to serve will determine whether or not we will live in abundance or scarcity.

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