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John Voight Message: War! Sovereigns At War with The Democrat Socialists...

    As Warriors, We Do Not Run From Fear - We Fight in The Face of It!

    As Sovereigns For Our United States of America Republic, We Stand With President Trump and Ready to Create and Develop Our Movement 'Now!' Please address the above link and declare your action for our Nation, Republic and Constitution. 


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Comment by Lewis Bishop, Jr. on October 27, 2019 at 5:19am

I can't feel certain, but I think I'm commenting on John Voight's comments about people voting and it's being a sham, and John saying we ought to just not vote.  My comment is this:  Read the Constitution.  We are NOT supposed to vote on anything but the person we send to Washington as our District Representative.  We need more discussion on this concept.  It is the key to the divisiveness in our nation.  Lewis Bishop

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