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Cops; "Just Say This Doctrine", or Repeat a Lie Doctrine, esp used thru Jury Trials, watch how POST Certified Liars are taught to look to the prosecutor & then to Your Jury & look them in the Eye & LIE as the dirty robe sits their on his filthy immune ass. On appeal THEY falsify the Records to meet their need to keep the Just This System Full-Keep Jails Full by Repeat a Lie in support of the Form Driven Fraud of the bar card bastards, suits, pant suit Bitches, uniforms, clerks, jail staff-the Insane running Duh Nuthouse

Just Say This Doctrine;

I am that Man, I heard Her SCREAMs

dirty kop in this article wanted me to lie & frame an innocent Kid, the Kid tried to Help me. kop wanted my report, i told him all n then he said to "implicate" the 2nd kid by asking me to JUST SAY THIS.


I was infuriated, Raging angry, disgusted I was even asked to send an innocent kid to prison so I left & refused to attend any future govt BS;

An East Grand Forks teen-ager will be tried as an adult on charges of criminal sexualconduct with a girl and stabbing a man who was trying to defend the girl.
David Ramirez, 17, is charged with eight felony counts of criminal sexual conduct andassault. Polk county District Court Judge Russel Anderson on Friday set Ramirez's bond at $20,000.
Police said Ramirez is accused of having criminal sexual conduct with a teen-age girl in anEast Grand Forks home, and then threatening and stabbing an adult male who was removing him from the home.
The man, who was stabbed five times, was treated and released at United Hospital.
The incident was reported to police at 5:10 a.m. Dec. 23, Ramirez was arrested the same day.
Ramirez is charged with attempted criminal sexual conduct in the first degree, criminalsexual conduct in the second degree, attempted criminal sexual conduct in the third degree, criminal sexual conduct in the fourth degree, two counts of assault in the second degree, terroristic threats and attempted criminal sexual conduct in the third degree.
Maximum sentences on the various charges range from 2 1/2 years to 25 years and a $35,000 fine.
The youth will next appear in court in Crookston on Monday.

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