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I have to be honest with you - I don't understand where you are coming from. If you put the site up and at the same time intended all this time for it to be a source of income - I am lost!

I have done the same as you for the past 10 years but never went into the various (10) websites and blogs(5) to make an income or even ask for a donation and I am not working and we are living on SS. You are leaving the current site because you have not been able to make a living at it (but I don't believe those 4000+ members knew that was your original intent), but you are now going on to start another web site and already stating it is for the purpose of a monthly income.

Americans out here are paying for web sites and domain names, radio shows, blogs, and given hundreds of talks to Americans and we received very few $$ to even pay for our gas. The purpose was the message - not in making a living.

I have to admit I am disappointed in your e-mails, but you have finally given us the truth to why you are doing what you do. I do it to save my country as do most of us, not to make a living to pay my bills.

Best of luck to you and just a quick note - I was going to leave the site anyway because of your "unconstitutional" support of a ConCon. Why would you trust the very men and women who have gotten our country into this mess to do anything but create more damage. None of those at the top pushing this agenda are to be trusted especially Soros who is funding both sides - for and against. 

And an added note - if you are short $200 for your rent you might have saved your money and created one of the much cheaper web sites or taken a part-time job. I would guess that most of the 4K members on this site are on social security.

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Comment by Trusader on August 6, 2017 at 4:29pm

So you don't want to drop it.... 

There is a long list from all blogs/website/yt that are asking for money to pay their bille.


If you're LEAVING then go.  Nobody is holding you back .. appears you want to inflict harm/humiliation before you go. 

I'm leaving the door open for you .. buh bye!

Comment by Dianemarie on August 6, 2017 at 4:09pm

Neither Keith or I are of the same caliber or status either and they are certainly not asking for those donations as their livelihood. It is purely for their travel expenses and if they charge a fee for giving a speech and those who have asked them to speak know in advance there was a fee involved. You can go out to where you have been asked to speak as I and many Patriots do, put out your jar for donations and even though they say they have learned a great deal - there is no green - but they do want you to return. And I do get out a great deal but we aren't talking about grassroots Patriots here - you and Keith are pointing out people of a greater stature. I can show you my web sites and you will never see a donation tag on it and I have been doing these sites for 8 years and a blog. It isn't so much that Keith was asking for the donations, but no one I ask knew he had put the site up to share information but to also earn his monthly living and subsistence from donations from all of us. I am getting ready for several trips to the state capital - the gas money and lodging comes from my pocket because what I do comes from my heart. And there are cheaper website providers and they are great with good help. I think it is you who are out of touch with many Patriots.

Comment by Trusader on August 6, 2017 at 3:31pm

Diane, if you do not know of any patriotis speaker that does not ask for donations you don't get out much then do you.

Sheriff Mack, Sheriff Arpaio, among others, DO!

NOW, can we stop this conversation?????

Comment by Trusader on August 6, 2017 at 3:24pm

I have NOT seen one website/blog that did NOT ask for donations.

Making a living off a blog/website would be asking 1$ from all your 87K subs.  I remember one man that started the 'You won't miss a 'dollar' yt channel.

I had made upteen comments regarding the COS crap, and Keith had rescinded his support for a cos. Either way it doesn't matter if they do one or not as this is a defacto Corporate constitution. Researching the reasons to not have a  cos I discovered the real government - the one with the Articles of Association/Declaration of Independence/Articles of Confederation - were abandoned, but has been saved.

I now believe these 13 united States of America of 1781 was the subject of a coup d'etat by the royal King uuh pResident George Washington.  All but one of the pResidents was related to King George, and are all royalty.  Can we say a 240 year 'M O N A R C H Y' !!!

The abandoned Government of The United States of America has been reclaimed, and is now fully operational.

Now the UNITED STATED OF AMERICA, INC is listed on Dunn & Bradstreet as a Religious NonProfit! 

We are here 'X' today because we are unable to get on the same page unlike the nefarious individuals.

Comment by Dianemarie on August 6, 2017 at 2:58pm

Keith - as to your comment about all the patriotic websites you have been to soliciting funds - you have talked to Karen S - she has never ask for a donation for her web pages any more than I. Those that I know that do it is minimal and not to be used as a means to earn a living. Karen maintains her website and does a radio show - costs money and comes from her pocket. Sorry you are having problems but this all got started because I knew of no patriotic speaker who was asking for donations or if they did were minimal to pay for a website and there are quite a few inexpensive ones.

Comment by Dianemarie on August 6, 2017 at 2:53pm

Trusader:  I was not being cruel - I was trying to understand. Many, many of us have been fighting to keep this country whole, keep our children away from the ugly education that is being thrown at them and have never had one dime of financial support.

And quite frankly, of all the people I know that maintain blogs and website not one of them has ever asked for a donation because they were trying to make a living from the website.

I know there are plenty of people charging to give speeches and get thousand's of dollars for their effort, but there are many of us grassroots individuals who travel, pay for our own gas and hotels and never ask for a dime. At the same time, we are living on Social Security.

I suppose I could have said NOTHING, but when you are trying to understand what is happening, you ask questions and in turn pass on the info.

And as far as leaving the site - I was saddened to see this site supporting the Con of States - expecting the same swamp that has gotten us to where we are today to do right by the American people. Knowing full well some of them have new Constitutions in hand and they are double-speak liars and need to ALL be removed from office in 2018. Those elected positions were never for them to make a career out of cheating and back stabbing the American people no matter what party they belong to.

Comment by Trusader on August 6, 2017 at 2:00pm

I have to be honest with you - Diane, I don't understand where you are coming from!?!  Wouldn't it have been better and easier to just give him 30 lashes across the back?  Why so cruel?

The high road would have been to S A Y  N O T H I N G, and just leave the club.  I truly feel ashamed for your.

Comment by Keith Broaders on July 23, 2017 at 2:47pm

When I last taught in the public schools in California I taught 180 days a year and earned over $350 a day or approximately $35 an hour. In those days I was an indoctrinator, but for the past five years I have been an educator making less that $2 per hour.

Comment by Keith Broaders on July 23, 2017 at 2:28pm

Thomas Woods, Sheriff Mack and Glenn Beck and practically every patriot speaker charge thousands of dollars to make public appearances. Why is it right for them, but wrong for me to be compensated for my time and talent?

Comment by Keith Broaders on July 23, 2017 at 9:45am

Diane, Practically every patriotic website I have ever visited solicits donations! The donations received help to cover their overhead including compensation for key employees.

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