I have to be honest with you - I don't understand where you are coming from. If you put the site up and at the same time intended all this time for it to be a source of income - I am lost!

I have done the same as you for the past 10 years but never went into the various (10) websites and blogs(5) to make an income or even ask for a donation and I am not working and we are living on SS. You are leaving the current site because you have not been able to make a living at it (but I don't believe those 4000+ members knew that was your original intent), but you are now going on to start another web site and already stating it is for the purpose of a monthly income.

Americans out here are paying for web sites and domain names, radio shows, blogs, and given hundreds of talks to Americans and we received very few $$ to even pay for our gas. The purpose was the message - not in making a living.

I have to admit I am disappointed in your e-mails, but you have finally given us the truth to why you are doing what you do. I do it to save my country as do most of us, not to make a living to pay my bills.

Best of luck to you and just a quick note - I was going to leave the site anyway because of your "unconstitutional" support of a ConCon. Why would you trust the very men and women who have gotten our country into this mess to do anything but create more damage. None of those at the top pushing this agenda are to be trusted especially Soros who is funding both sides - for and against. 

And an added note - if you are short $200 for your rent you might have saved your money and created one of the much cheaper web sites or taken a part-time job. I would guess that most of the 4K members on this site are on social security.

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Comment by Dianemarie on July 23, 2017 at 8:53am

Keith, I know of no one who ever thought they could make even a supplemental income from a web site. I was fortunate when I first started that I went with Weebly and you could have 10 websites for the price of one. I am fortunately still under that program but even now Weebly asks for $12 a month.  

This research/share the true agenda we both have as do others will never make you a living unless you are connected to the very individuals causing the NWO which puts you as a traitor to the very people you are trying to help. 

Comment by Keith Broaders on July 23, 2017 at 7:44am

Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts. When I created the website I thought the the members would step up to the plate and contribute content, but I was sadly mistaken. I have personally posted over 90% of the content. I believe that if people are receiving benefits from my efforts I should be entitle to some reasonable compensation.

I receive only $500 a month from SSI and my rent is $660. I receive another $400 from a family trust account, so you can see that I am doing the best I can to make ends meet. Five years ago was much healthier than I am today. I have developed a number of health issues related to my diabetes.

My vision has been deteriorating and I have had surgery for an enlarged prostate. I am also experience sciatica and diabetic peripheral neuropathy. I no longer have a car and I am within month of becoming potentially homeless.

For a number of years my passion for liberty has not changed, but my financial circumstance have. In my opinion it is sad that our of over 4,000 followers less than 5% have ever donated even a dime. It was never my intention to turn the website into a money making machine, but is it unreasonable to expect support from people who claim to be friends of liberty.

I could have required monthly dues, but I wanted to give the members the opportunity to voluntarily make donations. I can understand your frustration with what I have posted recently and I feel like a beggar on a street corner asking for donations. The difference is I am offering something of value.

If you have suggestions I would appreciate it if you would share them with me. I think your criticism and judgment of me has been unfair.

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