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Within Us

When fundamental basic human rights and liberties are all but forsaken, the America I grew up in is not the same generation.
It's ugly and barely recognizable and that really frightens me! Rights are being taken away left and right and at lightning speed! People being brought into subjugation, by an evil dark tyrannical force. We're living in Revelation!
This Antichrist governmental BEAST system embodied by thieves, cheats and liars. Filled with the pride of demons who want every man to cower!
Thinking they'll be rewarded by Satan in the "by and by". They don't want to make life greater, calling for it's demise!
Such brazen deceivers, and haters of God calling for America's destruction! Self serving men, non caring or even open for discussion.
No longer subservient to the people by which they were called to serve. Very few representatives fight true for you and me.
But, who can fight for Freedoms right when tainted with evil bribes? Who's respective of Justice when filled with greed, lust and pride?
Instead of answering the cries for help, truth has fallen into the streets. With a loud voice of an ordinary woman hereby do I cry, no matter what I am, and no matter what I'm not, I pray Lord please use me.
Blinders within and chains without, may Satan lose his grip and hold! My heart cry's out to God, Lord Jesus, take full control!
Offering us eternal life, Long suffering not willing that any should parish. He gives us many chances to come to repentance. We can't take life for granted.
He waits for us to talk to Him right now. He's waiting and watching to see what we will do. To see if we do what he tells us to.
Or, are we doomed now lost forever? Are we really ready to die? How often do we look up into God's big beautiful blue sky?
Things that you know, things you still question. Of all the things in the world God's brought you through still you'd deny His direction?
Is it happenstance, or is it fate you're reading this right now?
Humble beginnings bring so much joy to so many!
See what happens when you give of yourself! You never know where it might lead. Taking a leap of faith, stand on higher ground. Make Friends of Liberty. United We Stand. All Around. All pulling in one direction. For the sake of the call.
Knowing how much life means and just how much it matters. Acting as one mind, in one accord for love, peace and justice. Having long suffering, gentleness and goodness too. Through faith and humbleness against such there is no law! Those fruits will feed quite a few indeed. So, pass them all around!
"Father in heaven, hallowed be thy name. Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread. And forgive for our trespasses as we forgive those who have trespassed against us. And lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil. For thine is the Kingdom and the power and the glory forever and ever, amen."
The harvest is ripe but laborers are few. Many are not being found. Many souls not knowing what to do to help in this time of great need. What ever you do, do it in love, for the sake of the call, for the sake of us all. Rewards will cover any cost and last eternally.
But, reality dictates, quite a different fate, if quirks and differences are not set aside. For how are we to help while quarreling with one another? How can good things ever come if we're not being filled with His great love? Instead of asking what we can do to help and make our wishes known.
As long as we stay stuck in our ruts, running around in circles, all caught up in comfort zones, God will let us. No matter how many platforms, blogs or gatherings there may be, they'll never be able to truly ever satisfy our need. By talking to the Savior in spirit, truth and love we can we defeat the common enemy!
It's monumental selfless acts of kindness that will cause a great swelling in this Nation. May it spread across the seas to every man in God's creation.
It's the way God intended for it to be. Living in perfect harmony. God hears us when we take time to pray. It effects all eternity.
Spread the love of Jesus all around. Don't ever be afraid of the reaction or the sound. People will talk no matter what you say or do. Being true to Jesus is what really matters.
With a little help from friends, unity can be established. But, there's no time to waste! We must pick up the pace, for truly the time is at hand! As day breaks draw your line in the sand.
Where we go one pray we go all. Do it all together for the sake of the call.
Our purpose in sharing the Love of Jesus Christ to a lost and dying world is liberating all of mankind through our words, deeds and actions.
The greatest story that could ever be told lives right here within us. We've got the power in Jesus name! Let's not forsake Him or the assembling of ourselves together. But, gathering all the more, as we see the day approaching. Exciting times await us! So saddle up your horses, we got a trail to blaze!
An Ambassador of Jesus Christ

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