If you have woken up yet and ready to do something about the highway robbery, plunder, harm and even murder under the color of law by what you may call "law enforcement officers, aka, Blue Gang Member, corporate thug, road pirate or road nazi, initated by what they call traffic stops, then read on and start doing something about it.

" The commotion of the truth is in direct proportion to the lie that has been fed to the masses long enough that the truth is totally ludicrous and its speaker is a raving lunatic." Desdon James

This being said, the department of transportation and their sub agency, DMV coupled with the insurance companies and trucking industry is the biggest racketeering operation enterprise in the country.

Common sense tells us that the whole foundation of our freedom is our God given right to the liberty of locomotion. Not subjected to PFP, Policing for Profit supported and condoned by those in suits and ties and black robes disguised behind the illusion of respectability under the color of law. It's called the justus system.

How much longer are the sheeple, aka, slaves, dumbed down 14 amendment citizens going to remain asleep to this reality? Until they themselves or a family member  falls into the cross hairs of a Blue Gang member?

If you are awake and ready to do something about this corrupted insanity, then go here and sign our petition and share with everyone you know. How much longer are we going to put up with these criminal Blue Gang members and their corrupt superiors hiding behind the color of law and illusion of justice?

Go here and take action. The time has come to start holding these corrupt public officials and their minion corporate enforcement drones accountable. If you agree, then do something about it. Sign here and share with everyone u know who still has a brain and can think.



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Comment by Patricia Anderson on December 19, 2014 at 6:06am

Also go to www.nationallibertyalliance.org to learn about Common Law and Common Law Grand Juries.  Only the people can save America.  

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