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Corrupt Judges Scared as Pope Announces Jubilee…

Could this be for real? Resignations are already happening so we shall see come September.

September 1, 2013, all the judges, lawyers, police, government officials, and those posing as government officials, and all officers of corporate franchises and entities organized under the auspices of the UNITED STATES and its STATE franchises become fully, personally, and commercially liable for their actions and omissions against the living beneficiaries of the public trusts.
pope removed the immunities , because it places them above the law , = no man is above the law
A MOTU PROPRIO is the highest form of legal instrument on the planet in accordance to its provenance, influence and structure to the Western-Roman world, over riding anything that could be issued by the United Nations, the Inner and Middle Temple, the Crown of Great Britain or any other Monarch and indeed by any head of state or body politic. Anyone holding an office anywhere in the world is also subject to these limits and that immunity no longer applies……..In any event this document issued by Pope Francis is historic on multiple levels, but most significant above all others in that it recognizes the supremacy of the Golden Rule, The "color of law" will no longer be sanctioned, only the "Rule of Law."

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