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The largest problem with law enforcement today besides graft and corruption is simply the fact that they do not know what "Law Enforcement" truly is. There are true "Laws" and there are "Statutes". Statutes are by definition, policy, regulations, that apply only to agencies themselves or government officials and employees and corporate citizens. They have no force or affect in Law. Statutes are Mala prohibita. While true laws such as murder, robbery. theft, etc. are mala in se, which apply to society entirely.

As a free inhabitant American national, I am not subject to "statutes". I am not a united states citizen. I am however subject to natural laws, the common law and/or laws published in the federal register.

Most "Law enforcement"do not understand that when they try to enforce statutes against a free inhabitant they are committing a violation of Law. Presumption that someone is a corporate united states citizen when they are not is a fatal argument. Constitutional officers are duty bound to presume that the people are NOT corporate citizens, but rather free men and women with rights and authorities granted by birthright. Not some meaningless slip of hemp paper.

Statutes DO NOT APPLY to society at large! You are violating your oaths by misapplying them. Of particular note is the right to travel v. the Motor Vehicle code. STATUTES and regulations DO NOT APPLY to society at large. They only apply to AGENCIES OF GOVERNMENT, GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS, AND GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES, AND CORPORATE CITIZENS! They do not apply to me!

I dare anyone to prove me otherwise! Where is the contract that I signed with full knowledge and disclosure of the rights I waive and the obligations I take on? Was that contract signed under duress? Can you prove that it wasn't?, Until you can prove these stipulations you have no authority to enforce your STATUTES against me.


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