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-- May God bless and keep you in His arms.
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Mathew Staver, Founder and Chairman Liberty Counsel
The possibility of a complete Middle East meltdown increases with every verbal salvo launched by the Obama administration and gainsaid by Russian, Syrian, and Iranian leaders.
Who has remained quiet in the clamorous volleys of accusations and angry rebuttals on the world stage?  Israel's leaders, including Benjamin Netanyahu.
Yet, Israel remains in a very precarious situation regarding the Syrian conflict while Iran hopes that whatever happens will advance their plans for acquiring nuclear capabilities.
Please see my very important update below - Mat.
Threats loom on all sides of Israel. If the United States uses military force against Syrian President Assad, both Iranian and Syrian leaders have threatened retaliation strikes against Israel.
If the Assad government is toppled, a U.S.-backed "moderate" Syrian rebel commander has declared that "Israel is an enemy country."
Israel isn't taking any chances.  Reports are that they have employed the "Iron Dome" missile defense system in the outskirts of Jerusalem and are taking other defensive measures.
According to the Daily Mail online.
"Israel is concerned that Syria, or a group allied with the regime like Hezbollah based in Lebanon, could launch missiles at Israel if the U.S. attacks over its alleged use of chemical weapons against civilians.
Even though Israel believes it unlikely that Syria will attack the Jewish state, it is making preparations just in case. It has deployed air defense systems, drafted a small amount of reserve soldiers and is handing out gas masks."
Israelis are also subjected to frequent gas-attack drills and are forced to stand by in anticipation of which enemy in Syria will have control of an enormous stockpile of weapons, including deadly chemical agents, if the Assad regime falls.
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has reportedly told his administration to remain silent on pressuring the United States to take action one way or another for fear of further reprisal.
Some Israeli insiders have voiced an opinion that the United States should attack Syria as a show of force, which would declare to Iran that we aren't a spineless nation who will do nothing if they cross their own "red line" on nuclear proliferation.
The resounding problem is a credibility issue that plagues Obama internationally and domestically. He is widely considered to be a weak leader and that fact is impacting the dominant nations' planning and strategies, especially Vladimir Putin's Russia.
An increasing number of observers feel that the Obama administration's failed Middle East foreign policies and sponsorship of radical Muslim factions have been instrumental in causing the threat of total chaos and instability in the Middle East.
And as new evidence of the administration's overt politicization of the Syrian crisis, reports are surfacing that the Obama administration plans to use "support of Israel" as a trump card to garner support for military force.
Mark my words: Israel will never be a pawn for any nation or political leader!  God is not mocked and knows the hearts, minds, and motives of men.
The bottom line: We MUST steadfastly show solidarity with Israel!
This is a strategic time for the nation of Israel and its leaders - a time which will have eternal significance for the Jewish people and every other nation in the world.
I am once again calling on ALL of our Liberty Counsel friends to stand up for Israel and be counted!
Our open letter to Israeli and American leadership makes a bold declaration that we, citizens of the United States, will stand united with Israel.  Please click here now to read and sign the letter: a href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">>
Even if you have signed our pro-Israel petitions and letters before, please take a moment right now and add your name to this time-critical, focused letter.
We know from our many contacts with senior members of the Israeli government that specific, timely messages of support from American friends have a tremendously positive impact! a href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">>
Will you stand with Israel - without any political motivation?
King David perfectly captured God's timeless admonition to "Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: May they prosper who love you" (Psalm 122:6).
Now is the time to pray for - and firmly support - the modern-day nation of Israel! a href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">>
God bless America - and God bless Israel!
Mathew D. Staver, Founder and Chairman Liberty Counsel
P.S. Please take a moment today and tell the world, "Israel, you're not alone. We stand united with you!" a href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">>
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