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By Erik Hanson - 3/17/2014


Greetings Patriots,


I have spoken with Eric C. Rahn, the current chairman of the United American Militia Advisory Council (UAMAC), for some time about the direction of this organization and the constitutional militia in general. I believe that we have allowed ourselves to be corralled and caged. Our voices have been muted; our heritage stolen; our history rewritten. We have lost the vision of our founding fathers and far too many of us do not even know what they believed or the principles from which they framed our nation. Hell, I bet a large percentage of the people in the militia have not even read the Constitution of the United States, let alone their own state constitutions!


This is the problem. The American public has become lethargic and that attitude has leached into our own ranks. I know many of you are frustrated at the direction of the nation and how uninvolved the people are in the process that has degraded our great nation. We can point fingers at the current administration, but you all know that Obama is not to blame for this. We The People are. We are responsible; no one else. Why are we responsible? It’s because we are just like our fathers and our father’s fathers and their fathers before them. The people that have planned and plotted to tear this nation down have done so before our very noses. They have been doing so for a hundred and fifty years and more. Every restriction we have allowed on our Natural Freedoms we have grumbled about, and complained, but at no point have we stood up with a unified voice and said NO! ENOUGH!

Every single aspect of our society has been pulled down into the mud and the most we seem capable of doing is grumbling online. Most have deemed our condition so severe that they pray from the final collapse, so they may be able to rebuild from the rubble. I think this is a fallacy. The people are constantly being lied to. They are being pissed on, and told that it’s raining and they buy it. Why? That’s because no one is telling them otherwise. Sure, there are a few of us calling out the warning, but it isn’t loud enough to overcome the distractions of life and the lies the people are being fed. It’s easier in the confusion to put one’s head down and continue along listening to the story that everything is fine, get back to work. 


We underestimate our opposition. We call them dumb and we ridicule them. We should stop. We are the fools. They are winning; we are losing and a bunch of keyboard commandos are not going to change anything. This is reality. However, the war is not over. Not even close. People know that America used to be great. We need to remind them why. Americans have been asleep for a long time, but they are not dead. Not yet. The good news is we outnumber the liberals that are destroying this nation by great numbers; immense numbers. What the American people need is new leadership. That leadership is you. We need to come together with a unified voice and tell the progressives NO! ENOUGH!


We are not going to call out for change; we are going to call out for restoration! We need to get active in our communities. We need to present ourselves at every public event. Look to Walt Simms and the Last Ohio Militia for guidance. They are doing this right. If some hospital puts together some policy about asking people about their firearms, then protest in front of it. Bring the publicity. Let people know that there are others that feel like they do and they will stand with you! NO more can the militia hide in the shadows afraid of their government. It’s time the government once again becomes afraid of its people! Liberty is yours to take or surrender. It’s your decision. If you are all so willing to fight the enemy with guns and bullets, why would you not be willing to fight with pickets and protest? 


Some groups are losing their minds trying to find some sensible way to restore order in this chaos. This is how. It is time that We the People show the same passion for restoring our nation as our adversaries show for destroying it. It’s time we took to the street of our communities, towns and cities and show the people who we are and show them who they are. We can no longer afford to allow our enemies to define us. We must stand up and define ourselves. We focus so hard on the 2nd Amendment that we forget the one that precedes it. We must use our voices together, work together. Motivate each other, coordinate together. We must put petty squabbles behind us and focus on who our real enemies are. We must not allow them to tear us apart anymore.


If we do this right, we need not worry about the government. We still have our rights and as long as we maintain the high moral ground; we cannot be shaken. The government can watch every plan we make, hell, we can include them; doesn’t matter. We are Americans. We need to show our fellow American what that means. It’s time we start a movement even greater than the Tea Party. We can no longer be just a bunch of folks running through the woods with rifles (although we should continue doing that). But the fact is we need to be more. We need to show our communities that we are a part of them and they are a part of us. By being bold and making a stand, we will encourage others to take a stand with us; we will have other organizations invite us to stand with them. We will network and grow. We will no longer be on the fringe, but restored to the core of our communities like the militia was intended. 


I think UAMAC is in a vital strategic position to launch this movement. If we reach out to all constitutional militia leaders, get them involved in our cause, get them to join the UAMAC organization and plan with us, if we can get us to work together and strategize together, then we will become unstoppable. Our units will grow, we will change the very definition of militia, we will change the perception of the public from something to fear to something to admire. This is not an easy task. This is something we will have to earn. The more success we have, the more people will be brought to our side. This is not theory. This is how to restore a nation.


The only question left is this: Do you have what it takes to follow the example of the Last Ohio Militia? Can you leave your comfort zone and start a protest with your group? Can you open yourself up the ridicule from the liberal, progressive left in order to stand up for what is right? Will you be a player or a benchwarmer? I believe I already know the answer. You all have already subjected yourselves to ridicule, yet you are still here. You have prepared for the fight when no one wants to support you. You have made the hard right when everyone else has continued to do the easy wrong. You are here when others are not. That speaks volumes for your character. Now it’s time to go to the next level. It’s time to get active. Call up your unit! The battle is on!

About the Author:

I, Erik Hanson, am the executive officer of the 9th Battalion, Idaho Light Foot Militia in Benewah County, Idaho. I am a co-founder of, a educational social network focused on teaching the American people about our American history and heritage. I also own an internet-based advertising agency. I am a veteran of the U.S. Army where I served as a Forward Observer (13F) for six years with three tours in Iraq.

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Comment by Michael (Mick) Webster on March 28, 2014 at 9:36am

Amen brother. Thank you for your service.

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