The ten states with the largest populations out number the combined population of  of all of the other states. If the movement to abolish the Electoral College is successful, the President could be elected by the people in the ten largest states and the voice of the people in the remaining states would be irrelevant.

This tyranny of the large states over the smaller states was the reason the Electoral College was created.

The President is not elected by the people directly, the people in a single election, the President is elected in 50 different elections by electors in each of the states.

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Comment by Lewis Bishop, Jr. on January 4, 2020 at 6:52pm

I like your statement that the President is not elected by the people directly.  That is true, but the problem is the the Constitution does not even provide for indirect election by the people.  The politicians simply set up what we have now, and it is a travesty and a tragedy . Read the Constitution.

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