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In the absence of action by the Militias organized under statute, I would like to see and help organize Natural Law Militias under the principles specified in the Declaration of Independence and commensurate with the opinions expressed in Federalist Papers, # 29. A force that’s only purpose is to secure the Natural Rights of the community against ALL threats whatsoever.

There would be no government control in any manner, such as:

  • Partnerships with law enforcement,
  • Getting cozy with enlisted military,
  • Etc.

Any attempt by law enforcement or military to attack the Militia would trigger a response, up to and including force in defense, a response that would not end until the threat to the People's Natural Rights has been neutralized. There will be no negotiations, compromises, or surrender of Natural Law principles whatsoever.

Any attacks by the corporate media would be considered the same as if an armed force assaulted the Militia, making the infrastructure as well as the personnel of the media, legitimate targets in response.

Our Natural Rights have been under unrelenting attack by all branches and levels of the corporations posing as our governments for generations. Now that the truth is being exposed, it is time to act and stop the usurpation and harm being done to our People. The ONLY force remaining to us outside the corrupt system is the People themselves formed into Natural Law Militia.

It is time to stop complying with the enemies of liberty and exercise our Natural Right of self-defense against those that harm us and our families.

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Comment by Thomas Mick on October 24, 2017 at 12:46pm

Find others like yourself, familiarize yourselves with Natural Law, and form up into a unit under those principles and formed for the defense of your communities right to exercise their Natural Rights. I have written a manual that describes the mission and a plan of action to implement it.

I will publish the manual in my next blog post.

Comment by Robert Becker on October 21, 2017 at 11:40pm

I am all in. I will no longer comply. I work for my local police and see first hand the daily violations. I draw my line in the Sand and will stand in front of it. I hopefully will be able to get others to stand the line with me. Give me my marching orders.

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