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We the Sovereign free people of Clark County, the organic Washington State and the organic United States of America take this opportunity to petition Doug Lasher, Clark County Treasurer; Greg Kimsey Clark County Auditor; Peter Van Nortwick Clark County Assessor and Anthony Golik Clark County Prosecutor to act pursuant to the lawful 1878 Constitution of the State of Washington and the lawful 1787 Constitution for the United States of America with its attached bill of rights 1-13.  They should follow constitutional law and recognize David A. Darby’s land patent and remove his property from the tax rolls as prescribed by above constitutional law.  
Secondly, we petition David A. Darby to run as a write in candidate for Clark County auditor.  We believe that we need someone that is ready to put his personal safely and property in jeopardy to right a wrong is some one that will stand up for the people of this county, this State and this Nation.  
Any one of the sovereign free people of this country is encouraged to sign this petition.  This petition concerns Clark County, Washington, but we have to start somewhere.  We are all a free people and it is time to stand up for people that stand up for our constitutional rights.  It is time for the defacto laws (codes) to disappear and bring back dejure (constitutional government) and our constitutional Common Law to our Courts.  It is up to us the free people to make our voices heard. If we don't stand our ground now we will no longer have any ground to stand upon.
If you agree, please sign this petition and share with everyone else you know who also sees this truth. For more information and education concerning this issue, see
Dave Darby at


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