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Defeating unconstitutional Legislation, protecting our future and the future of our children and grandchildren

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Only two defining forces have ever offered to die for you, Jesus Christ and the American Soldier

Thank you to all our men and women in the military Past present and future. You are my heroes..............jolee

Check out Group "Parade Ground "


This is a group dedicated

to honoring our brave

soldiers and veterans who

have put themselves in

harm’s way to protect

freedom around the

world. We can never

repay that debt, but we

can let them know how

much they are appreciated.


If  you are a Vet or have a friend or family member that is on active duty, send me the info and i will add it to the honor wall at the group parade ground.



Common Ground America

America   is at a crossroads.  The left will not listen to the right.  The right   will not listen to the left.  The center is being trampled upon.  We are at war with ourselves.  For America’s sake and for the   future of our children, we must learn to seek Common Ground.
Common Ground is a non-partisan organization dedicated to restoring a constructive dialoque to effectively deal with the issues facing America today. While  we will not always agree on everything, we believe civil discourse is a  critical part of our national conversation and that the ongoing demonization of  opposing thought is ultimately destructive to the fabric of this nation.
Common Ground America is a grassroots movement to establish a national political organization to wrest control of our government – on both the state and national levels – and return it to the people.



Chaplain Thomas Gilbert Cole commented on Michael Sommerfeld's group 2nd Amendment Awareness and Education
"SHERIFF BRIGADES: "America's last hope, necessary to the security of a Free State.  The right of the People to bear arms in defense of themselves, and the state; cannot be questioned!"
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A Tad Rogue posted a discussion

Muslims Trying to BUY America's Hearts and Minds.......BEWARE ! rebuilds with helping hand from Middle EastJulie Denesha: Getty Images, file. UAE helps Joplin: The Missouri city devasated by a 2011 tornado is rebuilding thanks in part to donations from the United Arab Emirates. IMAGE15 hr agoThe UAE hopes its donations to Joplin, Mo., and other U.S. cities help sway Americans' opinions of the…See More
Kathryn McEwen commented on Michael Sommerfeld's group 2nd Amendment Awareness and Education
"Gun Control Should Be Outlawed Real Reason Obama Wants Your Guns - Full Documentary THE SO-CALLED GUN SHOW…"

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