Would you invite a person infectious disease to move in to your spare bedroom?People with values which are contrary to those held by our founding fathers are a threat to the health and happiness of our nation America was built on the foundations of individual liberty and personal responsibility.I would not rent a room to a pedophile, a pyromaniac or a serial killer

I  would not rent to a lawyer, a prostitute or a politician. I would only rent to a person who believed in liberty, justice and equality for all.In order to move in to my house, a person would need to make a commitment to respect the lives, liberty and property of everyone in the community.

They would need to accept the premise that all men and women are created equal and that they all have the same rights and responsibilities. I am not opposed to anyone who is willing to embrace the principles of America. Anyone who believes that the initiation of violence against others with opposing religious views in justifiable is not welcome in my neighborhood.

I would not welcome in to my neighborhood a Christian, a Jew, a Muslim an Atheist, a Republican or a Democrat who would violate the rights of another human being, I am not shunning Muslims, I am rejecting  assholes of every race, color or creed.

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