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Subject: Stewart Rhodes Fires It Up At Albany New York Gun Rights Rally

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Stewart Rhodes Introduces
"Molon Labe County Project"
 To 3000 New York Gun Owners In Fiery Speech!

Stewart Rhodes Speaks at Albany New York Gun Rights Rally on Februa...

Oath Keepers Founder Stewart Rhodes gave a fiery speech to approximately 3,000 New York gun owners, urging them to refuse to comply to the "SAFE Act," to refuse to disarm, to nullify at every level. He also urged them to make sure their county was a "Molon Labe" county, asking them "is your county a 'come and take it' county, or is it a 'bend over and take it' county? Which is it?! Find out now!"

He told them to make sure all the gun owners and veterans in their county are ready to stand up, and will commit to refuse to comply, and then go to the sheriff and the police chief of their town and put them on notice that they are expected to choose sides. He told the crowd to use April 19, 2013, the upcoming anniversary of the battle of Lexington and Concord, in 1775, as the deadline for their sheriff, police chiefs [and all other oath sworn public servants] to choose sides - "are they patriots, or are they redcoats?"

At the rally Oath Keepers had the effigies of Cuomo, Schumer, Bloomberg, and other oath breaking traitors dressed up in red coats, with signs hanging around their necks saying "Oath Breaker," "Red Coat" and "Traitor".

Then retired New York State Police (Highway Patrol) officer John Wallace, a member of Oath Keepers, led thousands of New Yorkers in an oath renewal/oath taking ceremony, pledging to defend the Constitution and to not disarm.

Oath Keepers 2A Rally Albany NY.mp4
Oath Keepers 2A Rally Albany NY.mp4

Below is the beginning of the speech...

Stewart Rhodes-John Wallace,Pro-Second Amendment Rally
Stewart Rhodes-John Wallace,Pro-Second Amendment Rally

Url for this article at Oath Keepers (leave comments!)  -

Link for Oath Keepers Molon Labe Pledge (Sign the Molon Labe Pledge) - 

Link for Stewart Rhodes, Ron Paul, Chuck Baldwin, G. Edward Griffin In three-minute trailer for  Molon Labe the movie (Learn about the upcoming Movie of the Year!) -


Placing billboards outside of military bases to remind service members of their oath

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