Several years ago, one of my uncles died, and I inherited a couple of his cars; 1927 Chevy and a 1931 Ford. The cars were just a few pieces, as they had been used for parts for my uncle to build a sawmill with, back in the 1940s. The big prize that I got was the titles. I had them put in my name, with the intention of someday building "speedsters" out of them. I still haven't done it, but I discovered a goldmine of evidence of constructive fraud committed by DMV. I noticed it when I had the titles transferred to my name, but didn't realize the total significance of it until three years ago, when I registered with the Republic for Oregon and the united States of America.

What I had noticed is that cars of that era did not have VIN numbers, they had "Engine Numbers". When I got the titles back, I noticed they had been converted to VIN numbers, and just assumed (and you know what that does, just as presuming does) that was just updating their process to modern times. I had requested the original titles be returned to me (for sentimental value), and when they got to me they had been stamped with BIG RED LETTERS...."FOR HISTORICAL PURPOSES ONLY". I thought that to be strange, and have wondered about the significance of it ever since, UNTIL I started studying the Republic and Common Law information. Now I comprehend! (Notice, I do not understand, meaning... I do not stand under ....the fraud that has been perpetrated upon me. I caught on, about 2 1/2 years ago, and just thought to share the info with anyone else who may have old vintage cars, and be in need of this info.

Unless you still have the original engines, the DMV has no legitimate claim on your car. They "may" have a legitimate claim on the engine, but that also, would only be through a constructive fraud (therefore, not legitimate) of having kept the MSO, MCO (Manufacturer's Statement/Certificate of Origin) which is the true title to the car/engine. The titles we get are just "sweat equity titles", but not the true titles to the vehicles. Notice also that a vehicle does not have the same meaning as "Motor Vehicle", which is a commercial piece of equipment, used in commerce.

If you have a vintage title, and it has a "VIN" number on it, I would be willing to bet you have good evidence for a law suit against DMV, as I do. I am going to be pursuing it, and you may want to as well. Fortunately, I demanded to keep my uncle's original titles, so I have proof of the fraud, that they converted an engine number to a vehicle number, without full disclosure, and even more importantly... without my permission! They had absolutely no just claim on the car, only the engine, which has been gone for years, even decades!!

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