AN OPINION - America In Peril – A Lack Of Patriot Leadership And Competence In National Leaders


SUBJECT: America In Peril – A Lack Of Patriot Leadership And Competence In National Leaders

Barack Obama has proven he is void of leadership talent so necessary for a chief executive/president based on the still questionable assumption he has the best interests of the United States as his mission.

He has produced virtually nothing positive and every speech he’s given is weak, redundant, and without substance…in short, a gas bag forever announcing “it’s someone else’s fault” no matter the issue. 

Can anyone point to any substantial positive initiative helping America where Obama has actually taken the lead and shepherded through an action to a successful decision or vote?  He’s signed many executive orders bringing pain on America and some legislation, but what has “he” done to assist legislative action that helps America?  The answer is, next to nothing, unless viewing “nothing” as a purposeful motivation to allow the United States to destruct from within, which appears to be progressing.

It boils down that America has a nobody in the White House posing as the president…not only does he not have the constitutional qualification to serve as president, he doesn’t have the mental capacity or leadership ability to deal nationally or internationally with complex government and political operations. 

The ship of State is without a rudder, floundering aimlessly nearing the dangerous shores of destruction.  The frightening question, “is this the intention of Barack Obama”?

America deserves leadership that can provide the solutions to challenges “we the people” so desperately need.  With Barack Obama, Harry Reid, and John Boehner leading the Executive and Legislative branches of government, we have little hope of intelligent, mature solutions.  They make some “cool” statements, weep here and there, mostly badger each other for political advantage, but meaningful legislative or executive national and international success is missing.

All three of these so-called leaders reflect adolescent attitudes, behavior resembling bullies, totally inconsistent performance related to the critical positions they hold.  “America is not in good hands”

God help us through this terrible national dilemma “we the people” have allowed incompetent, self-serving politicians to saddle us with, and now looks like “we the people” may have to unravel.  Obama and the US Congress through incompetence or purposeful betrayal, has placed the United States in grave danger, in peril of imploding…the vultures are off our shores just waiting to pick the carcass.

Will we have a national figure unsheathe a sword and prepare to fall on it in defense of our nation? In short, put “self” last and others first?  If not, that leaves only “we the people” as the guardians of freedom and liberty.  “We the people” would do well to be prepared, dust off our means, and lean forward. 

Harry Riley

P.S. The short term hope is a massive fax and toll free phone operation opposing Kerry's nomination to the US Capitol 866-272-6622 or 877-851-6437 or 866-220-0044 flooding the switchboard and shutting the Capitol communications operation down. When the switchboard operator answers, ask to be directed to your US Senator and call again to your other Senator.


Obama is a Communist Muslim, and a Traitor to The Constitution.   Sheriff Brigades must relay this to We The People!

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