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03/11/19 10:45:11 AM

In the interest of justice


Come on now - you know what my intent is. Police should know the law. Could we agree on that ? well if you study law there is a difference in law- and some so called law hurts people.

Then they the people poor peasant labor homeless all in general- cant live and they give up because of the taken of property and the taken of there money -by illegal bill of attainder.

In the name of law- I can say this if one is in a evil intent stage- then they are to be dealt with in the proper procedures.

How- ever if there is no victim or property damage or a violation of the actual law -then there is no crime.

Can we agree on that - All situation are different and if a so called felon shoots at anyone - then this would have a proper response.

And I hope to save life limb and property. but if a felon never hurts anyone should he be treated any different ?

All I m trying to do is learn the facts, and as i investigate and research- I find that most of the time we have cops who kill for no papers no license and for no reason but for not complying to a order.

If the officers know their limitations of the actual police authority- then i think this would take a burden of the masses and there would be less felons. There is no excuse for any one to kill for a regulation or justify for it- or a unconstitutional act, or for direct tax , or a writ of assist.

I think our officer are ignorant and they do what the judges and lawyers and chain of command say for them to do.

I don't think most officers think for their self - because if they did they would know that the oath they took is to comply to the Constitutions of the sisters states in harmony- and they have no clue.

I think this is dangerous to the public safety and puts the public in danger as a officer is in danger to.

I will close to say protect life limb and property- and those officers who do that are a better man than the cowards who have a power trip over the masses.

See what you don't understand is the officers the judges and lawyers are the servants.

The masses are the ones they serve- that was the agreement of the delegated powers and there authority under the 10th amendment.

They don't know it - most don't know it- with respect, i am trying to share the discovery and my finding so that our officers and our people will save life.

Thats my mission - any questions please contact me or meet with me any time you want - you would be surprised that i am a perfect example of encroachment and infringement for 7 years of my life- and as I learned this discovery- i have helped many and i have the deepest respect for officers who know the law - and those who don't know the law.

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