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I’ve been researching the older case law and writings of the people that lived in the 18 and 1900’s.

I came upon this article on the JSTOR website.

Please, whoever has the time, help me locate these books.  It seems there might be some very important information in it that we apparently do not know.

POWERS OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. By Masuji Miyakawa. Second edition. New York:

The Baker & Taylor Company. I908. pp. xiv, 431. 8vo. The first edition has been revised and enlarged. Covering such a wide field of investigation, the author does not profess within the limited space to treat his subject exhaustively as does

Bryce in " The American Commonwealth," but in presenting a comprehensive study of the Constitution and its workings he shows a remarkable insight into American institutions.

He considers separately the powers of the American people, Congress, the President and the courts.


Enough constitutional history is gone into to show the origin of the particular power treated, and the substance of the decisions, with apt quo-tations, construing it is set forth. The contrast with similar powers in the governments of Europe and Japan makes the work particularly instructive for foreign readers, especially the Japanese.


The book is more than a survey of American constitutional government; it presents a general picture of the American nation. In many respects this is a picture of what we ought to be rather than what we are. The scholarly and interesting treatment should appeal not only to the student of government and law but to the general reader. In the appendices are printed the Magna Charta, Constitution of Japan, Declaration of Independence, Articles of Confederation, and Constitution of the United States. R. T. H. 3I5

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