Many self proclaimed leaders in the Patriot Community generate large sums of money for preaching to the choir. They are like Chicken Little predicting the end of the world, but rarely do they offer a remedy.

Most of the people I know do not need to be convinced that the government is exploiting the  masses for the benefit of the few rich and powerful families. It is obvious that Congress represents the Wall Street Bankers and Corporations and not the people in their districts who are struggling  to make ends meet

These Patriots for Hire look forward to events which  will provide them with a podium and a photo op. The bigger the problem, the greater will be their exposure and the size of their pay day.

The gullible sheep swallow the bait from these prophets of gloom and doom but all they do is talk. Rarely if ever do they offer a plan of action.

Don't listen to those who speak only about the problems, listen to people like David Zuniga of AmericaAgain!, Micael Boldin of the Tenth Amendment Center and Mark Herr of the Center for Self Governance. who offer solutions.

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Comment by Johnny B Mikel on March 17, 2017 at 5:57pm

Well stated Keith! Hope this gets seen by all on our outreach portals!! JB

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