Prepare for the Worst, It's Coming!

After what has taken place in the last few weeks, This is no surprise!
Believe it or be the judge.
Read the red portion at the bottom slowly and really think about it.
This is from a person in Fresno, CA. but not limited to Fresno. In fact we think it's happening all over the U.S Quoted from a Fresno resident.
We now live about 30 miles from Fresno. We are up in the Sierras and Fresno is the first big town we encounter when we leave the mountains. We shop there often. I received this from my ex-homicide partner who is still active in law enforcement circles in the Fresno area. Excuse the language, but don't excuse the facts. Don't give up your guns, and buy necessary ammunition if you can find it. Be cautious and alert. Be ready if, God forbid, we need to protect our families and loved ones. If you weren't at Rotary meeting on Friday, you missed the only decent speaker we've had in more than a year. L TC John Cotter is the 144th Fighter Wing's anti terrorism officer. John had a two-part presentation. First part was describing his job as the unit's anti-terrorism officer. Pretty standard stuff. The second part was information that will curl your hair. A Part-time air guardsman works as a checker at local Von's. Two women in full burkas buy every pre-paid cell phone in the store. Clerk/airman gets to thinking about it. Goes to Cotter and reports incident. Cotter asks store for surveillance video. It's scary enough that he contacts Fresno FBI. FBI investigates and determines these women have been doing this all over the Valley. Cell phones shipped through Canada to Iraq/Afghanistan where they become triggers for roadside bombs. The Shell station at Peach and Shaw. Every time a local GI goes there in fatigues they are asked specific questions. What is your unit? When are you deploying? How many aircraft are you taking? The F-16s out of Fresno fly CAP for west coast. As such they are the first line of defense so they have the US 's most sophisticated air-to-air missiles. Foreign governments would like to get their hands on those missiles or at least learn how to build them. Also how many we have, etc. Two spy groups are working on it, one based at Fashion Fair Mall (the F-16s take-off pattern) and one based at Sierra Vista Mall (the F-16s landing pattern). Cotter said the ragheads (but we don't profile) are always probing the base. Two dorks in a pickup show up at the front gate wanting to deliver a package marked Air National Guard, Fresno .. No postage, no UPS, no FedEx, no DHL, no nothing. Just a probe. I asked Cotter why we haven't seen anything about this in The Bee, on KMJ, on local TV news. He said they're not interested. Since Friday I've learned of two other things. My brother-in-law, Frank, (management at Avaya) had a Muslim tech who took a leave-of-absence for 6 weeks in Afghanistan. After the 6 weeks were up he called from New York requesting an extension. Frank (who does profile) said, you're fired, and called the Fresno FBI who were very interested. Don't know the outcome. A Muslim who owns a liquor store in my former hometown of Kingsburg was constantly bugging customers to buy guns for him. Finally one of the guys I grew up with called the FBI. We are a country at war and the enemy is among us. I don't care what Janet Napolitano says, it's a fight to the death and we should be as prepared as possible. Brother-in-law Frank has a theory and I think it may be closer to the truth than Homeland Security wants to admit. See note below in red There are a certain number (probably a large number) of Muslims among us who are awaiting the trigger date and will begin randomly killing as many of us as they can, sort of a Fort Hood on steroids. I know I'm getting prepared to shoot back. Two items of interest: Sheriff Margaret Mims wants to grant concealed carry permits to all who are qualified. Columnist Jim Boren, among the most bleeding of the bleeding heart liberals, says it's time for Fresno residents to arm themselves. LOAD up, you can bet this is happening in places other than Fresno .. David Rayburn I was asked to send this to everyone in my address book. Some of those I'm sending it to WILL NOT forward it! To those I say, "Get your head out of the sand and look around with an open mind or before you know it we will no longer be living in the land of the free and the brave!" We are under attack from a hidden enemy that is everywhere. They are a cancer that WILL attack us and KILL as many as they can to further the Islamic doctrine of Shiria law. They behead, cut off limbs, stone people to death and worse. Beware, there IS a holy war coming. The signs are everywhere if you care to look and listen.  
What do we expect from Homeland Security not wanting to admit anything since they are being run by devout Muslims in charge of Homeland Security Posts.
Well, boys and girls, today the fox is guarding the hen house. The wolves will be herding the sheep!
Obama appointed two devout Muslims to homeland security posts.
Obama and Janet Napolitano appointed Arif Alikhan, a devout Muslim, as Assistant Secretary for Policy Development. DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano swore-in Kareem Shora, a devout Muslim, who was born in Damascus, Syria, as ADC National Executive Director as a member of the Homeland Security Advisory Council (HSAC).
NOTE: Has anyone ever heard a new government official being identified as a 'devout Catholic," a "devout Jew" or a "devout Protestant"...? Just wondering.
Devout Muslims have been appointed to critical Homeland Security positions? Doesn't this make you feel safer already?? That should make our home land much safer, huh!?
Wasn't it "devout Muslim men" who flew planes into U.S. buildings a few years ago? Wasn't it a "devout Muslim man" who killed 13 at Fort Hood?
Please forward this important information to any who give a rat's behind about the future of our Country.

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Comment by John A Bird on June 10, 2013 at 10:02am

Excellent information Jake - America/Americans currently have their eyes wide shut and believe this cannot be happening to this country.  It is and if we don't act soon, we'll all be slaves of this marxist regime.

Comment by Jake L. Martinez on June 10, 2013 at 9:11am
Great Blog John:
Totally Agree!
What follows is a recent email that I sent out to everyone on my email address book:
Storm Approaching: About To Get UGLY FAST!-You Decide:    

DHS Insider:  It’s About To Get VERY UGLY!-Posted on VT News-By Jim Fitzer-On June 9, 2013:
“Everyone needs to reflect on the United States having become obsessed with national security, even to the extent of gutting our Bill of Rights and turning the country into a “surveillance society”. It is long past time that serious consideration be given to dismantling DHS and returning the organization of our government to its far saner past.”–Jim Fetzer
Editor’s note: While I would like to believe that Douglas Hagmann is exaggerating, all the evidence is against it. From my point of view, it is astounding that the major media has said nary a peep about the report of the subcommittee of the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Intelligence, which was released on 3 October 2012.
After a review of 680 “fusion center” reports from 2009-2010, they found NO INDICATIONS OF ANY DOMESTIC TERRORIST THREAT, as I have reported here at Veterans Today. NONE! ZILCH! NADA! NOT ONE!
That none of the major networks—ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, CNN, or MSNBC—has said a word about this tells me that the government’s control of the media is complete and comprehensive and that these seemingly interminable attacks at Sandy Hook, Boston and now Santa Monica are intended to create the FALSE IMPRESSION that we have a serious problem with domestic terrorism. Well, we do have a serious problem, but it lies in another direction, as Douglas Hagmann explains.]
DHS insider: It’s about to get VERY UGLY!
by Douglas Hagmann

7 June 2013: Something quite unexpected happened just hours ago, in the dark of night, during a two-day layover in Washington, DC. My son and I are scheduled to take part in a seminar outside of Raleigh, North Carolina this weekend, so we combined our travels to include a side-trip to DC for a business meeting we had previously arranged. It was during this layover that something seemingly ripped from the pages of a spy novel took place.
While I was in the middle of a perfectly good and well needed sleep in the very early hours of this morning, I received a message. I cannot disclose how I received this message, at least not now. The discerning reader will understand why, which, by the way, would make a very interesting story alone. The message was extremely clear and precise. I was to meet my high level DHS insider at a very specific location in Washington, DC at a time when most “normal” people, except third-shift workers are still asleep. And, I was to come alone and make certain that I was not being followed, and I was to leave any cell phone or electronic device behind.
Seriously? I thought, as I was still trying to make sense of it all. Is all this really necessary? Is this really happening? I considered waking my son to accompany me, but opted to follow the instructions to the letter. Besides, I thought, he?s not the most affable middle-of-the-night person. I left a hastily written but detailed note in my hotel room before my departure in the event something happened. I looked at the digital clock on my rental car (my personal car would never survive our long distance trip). It was 3:20 a.m.

The meeting

I felt like I was part of a spy movie set in our nation’s capital. A chill rose up my spine as I waited in the dark of a chilly, misty and foggy pre-dawn morning. I was to meet with my DHS insider source at a time when most of the nation is asleep, at a place I could swear was featured in the movie All the President?s Men. No one and I mean no one knows I’m here, I thought, as I could see one of the most recognizable national landmarks in the distance.
My source appeared out of nowhere, or so it seemed, and handed me a cup of coffee with the astute observation that I looked like I needed it. So tell me, I asked impatiently, why do we have to meet at this time, at this location, and under such specific circumstances? “Because this might be our last meeting,” he stated.
Maybe it was the lack of sleep, the time, the place, or the chill of the misty rain that caused my sense of foreboding. “Explain,” I asked in an almost demanding tone. So he did, without mincing words.

The details

“If anyone thinks that what’s going on right now with all of this surveillance of American citizens is to fight some sort of foreign enemy, they’re delusional. If people think that this ‘scandal’ can’t get any worse, it will, hour by hour, day by day. This has the ability to bring down our national leadership, the administration and other senior elected officials working in collusion with this administration, both Republican and Democrats. People within the NSA, the Department of Justice, and others, they know who they are, need to come forth with the documentation of ‘policy and practice’ in their possession, disclose what they know, fight what’s going on, and just do their job. I have never seen anything like this, ever. The present administration is going after leakers, media sources, anyone and everyone who is even suspected of ?betrayal.? That?s what they call it, ‘betrayal.’ Can you believe the size of their cahones? This administration considers anyone telling the truth about Benghazi, the IRS, hell, you name the issue, ‘betrayal,’” he said.
“We know all this already,” I stated. He looked at me, giving me a look like I’ve never seen, and actually pushed his finger into my chest. “You don’t know jack,” he said, “this is bigger than you can imagine, bigger than anyone can imagine. This administration is collecting names of sources, whistle blowers and their families, names of media sources and everybody they talk to and have talked to, and they already have a huge list. If you’re not working for MSNBC or CNN, you’re probably on that list. If you are a website owner with a brisk readership and a conservative bent, you’re on that list. It’s a political dissident list, not an enemy threat list,” he stated.

What does it mean?

“What’s that exactly mean, being on that list, that is,” I asked, trying to make sense of it all.
“It means that there will be censorship under the color of authority of anyone in the U.S. who is attempting to expose what’s going on in our name. It’s about controlling any damning information from reaching epidemic proportions. It’s damage control to the extreme. It’s about the upcoming censorship of the internet in the name of national security. The plans are already in place. These latest reports about ‘spying eyes’ have turned this administration and others connected to it into something very, very dangerous. They feel cornered and threatened, and I’m hearing about some plans they have to shut down the flow of information that is implicating them of wrongdoing. Time is short,” he stated.
“How are they going to do this? How is it even possible?” I asked.
“First, they intend to use the Justice Department to silence journalists like in the Rosen case, but they won’t stop there. They will use a host of national security policies, laws, letters, whatever to take out the bigger threats,” he stated.
“Next, they will use some sort of excuse, an external threat, and I believe it will be a combination of the economic collapse and a Mid-East war that will begin in Syria to throttle the information that is accessible on the Internet. And you know what? People will believe it!”
“Based on what I’ve seen, most of which I should not have seen, the DHS is co-ordinating efforts with other federal agencies to begin to threaten American citizens with incarceration for non-compliance. You know the old talk of color coded lists? Well, this is what they will be using. People exposing the truth about Benghazi, killing the U.S. Dollar, even those questioning Obama’s legal status and eligibility to be President are the current targets. And they’ve had five long years to get to this point. The ugly truth is that these policies and practices did not start under Obama, but long before. This is about the killing of our Constitutional Republic. The murder of our country and the stripping of our rights. While many have been preoccupied with one issue, few have seen the bigger issue. This is the ‘end game,’ for all the marbles,” he stated.

More to come

“Please,” pleaded my source, “get this information out while you can. Tell people what I?m saying, that we don’t have much time, that after the latest exposure of spying, Obama, Jarrett, Axelrod, and others, including members of Congress, have put their plans into high gear. This is about the Marxist [Editor’s note: Fascistic] takeover of America. This is about our country being able to survive another July 4th holiday. This is about a world war about to break out that will kill millions of people, all because of the agenda of this administration.”
“They are very dangerous and will do anything and everything to stop the onslaught of negative information that?s being reported by the main stream media. But only about one quarter of the real information is being reported. The other three quarters will be the game changer. But first, tell people what I’ve said. Let them know that more will follow but get this information out right now while the internet is still relatively free. Do it today.”
My source provided additional information, but I am abiding by his wish to get this much out. I am writing now to let people know that we are in for seriously dangerous times ahead. Deadly times. War, and censorship under the color of authority and under the pretext of of national security. It’s about to get a lot uglier. Stay tuned.

7 June 2013

  • Douglas Hagmann is the founder and director of the Northeast Intelligence Network, a multi-state licensed private investigative agency. Doug began using his investigative skills and training to fight terrorism and increase public awareness through his website. This article first appeared there.
Brennan’s CIA purging political dissidents, purged CIA agent speaks out!-Posted on Examiner-By CHRISTOPHER COLLINS-On June 2, 2013:
“In the wake of the scandals over the terrorist attacks in Benghazi, the Internal Revenue Service’s targeting of conservative groups, and the Justice Department’s spying on journalists, the Paulding County Republican Examiner (PCRE) was contacted late last night that the latest scandal to break is the systematic political purge at the CIA under the direction of CIA Director,John Brennan.
The news was received by the PCRE by Kent Clizbe, a former CIA counter-terrorism operations officer and author of Willing Accomplices and Obliterating Exceptionalism, of the purge of non-supporters of Obama and vicious reprisals and threats against anyone who dared to speak out against the CIA or the administration and that it began in 2009 and has escalated ever since.
While Brennan has been Obama’s CIA director since March 8, 2013, Brennan has been President Obama’s confidant since 2008.
Clizbe’s troubles with Brennan first began when he wrote about what he called the Obama/Holder Global War on the CIA, in August of 2009 in Newsmax, when Leon Panetta was the Director of the CIA. In the next two years, Clizbe wrote several more articles about the politicization of the CIA and the war on terror. The main target of his analysis was John Brennan, who at the time was Obama’s “Terrorism Czar.”
In 2010, Clizbe wrote “John Brennan – Connecting the Dots Spells Conflict of Interest” in which the CIA was not pleased, especially Brennan.
When Clizbe left the CIA a while back, he was hired back on in 2011 as a contracted consultant.
In April 2013, two weeks after Brennan arrived at the CIA, not only were some other agents purged or threatened with termination, Clizbe was purged from the CIA payroll.
The reason? The CIA purged Clizbe because he was at the forefront of criticizing Brennan through his writings, appearances, and his two books.
“Unfortunately, in 2011, I accepted a beltway bandit’s offer to return to the Agency as a contractor. Mortgage and all, you know. They assured me that plenty of their employees had written books. And federal law made it illegal to retaliate for political speech,” Clizbe told the PCRE.
“I heard from friends that some of my articles had been posted on the media board inside headquarters. A shrewish comment on the BigPeace website was clearly from a classmate, now a high level officer in management. While not quite notorious, I definitely had ruffled feathers, and was not appreciated,” Clizbe said.
“The pure power the gang commands are unprecedented in American history. An astute student of American politics, influence, scandals, and misdeeds would be hard pressed to find a more stunning abuse of power than what has been revealed of the Obama clique’s misdeeds to date. And I use “to date” purposefully,” said Clizbe. “It is very likely that there remain many more shoes to drop as we learn the specifics of this regime’s corrupt political hounding of its “enemies.”
“One of the administration’s cabal—who has been hip-deep in all of their provoked international turmoil—from the Maghreb Mutinies to Benghazi, to the intra-Islamic struggle for power in Syria—is the reptilian John Brennan. Brennan has been Obama’s toady since the 2008 campaign. He lost out on the goal of his sucking-up, the political appointment to be the DCIA in 2009 when PC-Progressives objected to his role in Bush-era CIA interrogations,” Clizbe told the PCRE.
“But he was rewarded with an even better role—CT Czar—pretty much outside the purview of Congressional oversight. From his White House office, Brennan ruled as the de facto head of American Intelligence from 2009 to 2013.”
Brennan and other higher levels of government in the Obama administration threatened CIA agents’ careers and livelihood who spoke up about Benghazi and demanded that no CIA officers discuss publicly the events on the ground.
Clizbe also criticize the IRS persecution of political rivals to the Obama regime, the DOJ selective targeting of dissident media outlets, the massive secret collection of media outlets’ communications, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder obfuscates about his actions, and Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton’s refusal to address her actions on Benghazi.
Clizbe said, “Brennan’s eunuch-like manipulation of the Intelligence Community leadership and explains the unholy alliance of Brennan’s control of the Intelligence Community and PC-Progressives’ love of covert action. So, it’s pretty safe to say that I wasn’t on Brennan’s love-list.”
“The clandestine personnel security system is virtually impervious to oversight. Decisions are made by bureaucrats, much like the IRS, the DOJ, and other regime offices, which we see now are all too willing to please their PC-Prog masters. The big difference from the IRS is that everything the CIA does is cloaked to outside view due to national security. Their decisions are not appealable. They don’t have to explain,” said Clizbe.
“This regime, once it understood the power of the covert action and investigatory apparatus it controlled, turned on normal Americans. It applied the lessons learned in the GWOT to monitoring its domestic enemies. Total collection, all the time, of all electronic records—cell phones, emails, smart-phones and now tax returns—allows the regime the capability of compiling a complete profile of its enemies—names of contacts, physical locations, message content, interests, photos, and now tax records. What other “confidential and private” government records are added to this “big data” for the uses of the regime?”
The sum of all the data available provides them with a holistic overview of an enemy—where he is, what he’s thinking, who he’s talking to, and what his plans are,” said Clizbe. “This overview can be used, as on the battlefield, for targeting. What about drones in America, Master Holder? Have you recused yourself on that one too?”
“All signs that this administration is following the path of all power-hungry statist’s—vicious reprisals and threats against any who dare to speak out against them. This is what happened in Moscow, the former Soviet Union in 1936 when political opponents or perceived enemies were purged or silenced.”
As a result of Brennan’s and Obama’s political purge, Clizbe is unemployed. He told the PCRE that if anyone could use his unique combination of skills and experience, that he is available immediately.
Clizbe posted his situation in detail here.”
Read More:
“Food For Thought”
God Bless Us All-God Bless America!
Semper Fi!
Comment by John A Bird on June 10, 2013 at 8:55am

This country is under siege by radical islamist muslims, America wake up it's your future at stake.  BO has stunk up the whitehouse and our congress haven't the balls to take him out, can anyone say "conspiracy"?

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