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Has everyone seen this?
On Wednesday Nov. 28, during the Lighting of the White House Christmas Tree, and while President Trump was giving a speech, there was a Clear, Round, Unobstructed Laser Dot aimed at his face.
When you watch this video and you see where Trump is standing while he's speaking, the Laser is aimed rock steady at his chin, but he moves to his left, and the Dot appears on his right shoulder.
Then he moves back to his right, and the Dot lights up again on his chin several times, as if a sniper has him locked in the cross hairs, just to the left of the Microphone, but is periodically tapping the pressure switch to check the location of his zero, while blending in to the other flashing Christmas Lights
The Dot then moves quickly down to his chest and then disappears.
This Dot is about 1 inch in diameter, and anyone with Laser experience knows that a 1 moa dot will be about 1 inch at 100 yards, and 2 inches at 200 yards.
But if this was a 1/4 moa Dot, and is showing up at 1 inch on the Presidents Face, the laser would be about 400 yards away.
With all of the camera lighting shining toward Trump, it would be difficult to see, and hold a laser steady in your hand, while standing in a crowd of people, at a distance of 100 to 400 yards away, especially when it's cold outside. To accomplish that a person would need the aid of a scope mounted on a rifle with the laser attached.
And considering the fact that there are trees around the White House Grounds, it would be difficult for a prankster to casually have a clear unobstructed view that far away.
This is not funny, and it is very serious. I do not believe this was a Hoax, but was meant to be a message from the Deep State, to possibly Threaten President Trump, or Trigger the Anger of Patriot Americans.
As Freedom Loving Americans, we MUST have a Firm Resolve, to Avenge Any Harm Against Our President, and See To It That Deep State Conspirators Will Be Swinging From The Lamp Posts...

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