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Qatar Paying Serious Influential $$$$ into American Education


Qatar has now given  $ 1.4 BILLION to elite American universities. As for other countries buying influence over our next generation, Saudi Arabia—$613,000+, China $426,000+

Qatar’s vision for America is now being peddled through our children’s classrooms, targeting a pliable population and one with a long shelf life. Qatar also is part of Al Jazeera news network.

Beyond its media empires and bought-off D.C. influencers and think tanks, Qatar has set its sight on the next generation of Americans.

In the last 10 years, Qatar has given over $30 million to public schools and over $1.4 billion to universities. Those universities include:

      • Georgetown   $333 million—has already set up a Georgetown U in Qatar, (GU-Q)
      • Texas A&M University   $225 million
      • Virginia Commonwealth University    $40 million
      • Cornell   $47 million
      • Michigan
      • Arizona State University    $2,276,044
      • Carnegie Mellon University
      • Harvard University
      • Johns Hopkins University
      • University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign     $1,223,630
      • University of Iowa
      • University of Michigan – Ann Arbor      $7,700 million
      • University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill
      • University of Southern California
      • University of Washington – Seattle
      • Washington State University in St. Lousi
      • Northwestern University    $277+ million

        and Qatar has given more money to other schools than this. They are peddling
        respect for islam and even more so, giving rise to the complete rejection of Judeo-Christian and European American standards for freedom, liberty and faith. Anyone who uses a Western standard to judge anything can be fired or non-renewed.

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