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Ratifying the 28th Amendment is the solution and a crucial first step towards getting our country back on track with more, fair and better representation. President Trump can help get this done.

But it's up to us, the Sovereign Remnant, to do the real work. We'll need to set up our state groups and have our proclamation people ready for the big day when all 50 states converge on their State capitols to make the proclamation for the 28th Amendment.

Join us every Sunday night for the America Again! conference call and listen in and or join the conversation. David Zuniga, founder, will discuss the 28th Amendment and all it's pieces, and a Q&A session will be open towards the end of the call.

Conference call information can be found on this website and the AA! website as well as my page under the Welcome! post.

What is the Original First Amendment in the Bill of Rights???

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