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Regarding efforts to support our county sheriffs


Do you consider yourself an American?  

Frankly, before 2008, I never even gave it a thought.  After the coronation of King Obama, (I did not realize he was a king at that time) I realized something was wrong. 

From early in my teens, I recall thinking, "something bigger than what is obvious is somehow controlling everything."  Nah...that is preposterous.  About 60 years later...I have come to learn the intuition was correct. 

Not only was I correct but I have also come to understand Americans have been scammed by what we were led to believe was our government since at least 1870 or there about.  Yes...I know you are scratching your head and asking yourself, "About what is this guy talking?"

You should know that I am not a very smart person.  I barely graduated high school.  I have no formal education.  I just past the 76 year mile marker.  I suffer from many infirmities of advancing age.  Hell...never could spell very well and my grammar is frequently improper.  I never learned to type and as I advance towards the Winter of my life I also have become dyslexic.

But through out all of short comings, there are those people around the globe, kind people, mind you, who tolerate my short comings and ask me to comment on events as I see them. Don't get me wrong...I do not contend I am right...just honest.  Also at the onset, my intent is honorable.

Along with honesty and honor comes a certain high degree of integrity.  So permit me to clarify, that mush of the information presented is based upon the countless hours of research and vetting performed by an army of people who have honored me with their confidence and friendship.   So in most cases I am just acting as a simple  messenger in attempting to convey our best collective effort to reveal the truth as we believe it to be. 

As in all matters of a free society, the final responsibility to evaluate and the decision to accept or reject the credibility of information or intelligence is up to the individual.

If you are seriously interested in knowing more of the truth you have a few choices.  You can use the benefit of my efforts to research and document the matter or you can blow me off as a lunatic.  I use that term, 'lunatic' as to some of you, what we have come to understand and will reveal as time passes, is so unreasonable it boggles the mind.  It is very hard to believe that there are those behind this scam who are so devious, the deception will seem as unreal. They, the perpetrators are counting on that reaction.  The choice is yours of course. 

Just consider for a moment I provide everyone with my contact information with an open invitation to call me at any time...24/7 to discuss or voice your comments.  With rare exception I will be available to accept your call personally.  Keep in mind though, I get equal time.  <LOL>

Skype = arnierosner

The following explains what compelled me to launch this 4 plus year endeavor to seek the truth.

A Simple Obligation

Let us define the problem we face.  The following was just posted from Australia.  You see my friends, this is a global problem.  However, after seriously investigating the nature of the problem and searching for the source, in my humble opinion, the information summarized in the presentation below will put it into a nut shell in a little over 21 minutes.

South Australian Legislative Council Member, exposes…

Inspired by Richard Mack, I attempted to see just how far we were prepared to go.

Sheriff…Do your job…Arrest the criminal Enterprise in Washington DC.

A follow-up.

More on the County Sheriff…

An attempt to move forward.  No response from the sheriff was forth coming.  Are you surprised?

“We the People,” Revoke the Delegated Authority of the de facto Con...

Go to our Sheriff to fight Voter Fraud ?

Encounter with DHS

Because I said so…?

My first efforts to sound the alarm.

Warning-Fountain Valley 02 April 2010

Warning-Fountain Valley 07 April 2010

Warning-Orange County Sheriff 07 April 2010




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