Like the wheel, the government of the United States does not need to be reinvented. Most of the problems we face today are due to the misguided efforts of progressives to remake America better than ever.

The dreams of the men who wrote the Constitution has become a horrendous nightmare, because we have abandoned the principles of individual liberty and personal responsibility. 

A nation of hard working industrious individuals is now a society of free-loaders who seek to get something for nothing.

There is a recipe for success and a recipe  for failure. When we adhere to and obey the laws of nature, we can not fail, but when we violate these principles we can not succeed.

The laws of nature can not be altered, amended or abolished by legislative action or by the will of the majority.

My rent for the month of November is coming due and I frankly will unable to pay my rent without some help from my friends. I am about $300 short and due to my health and vision issues I am unable to seek employment .

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Comment by Bill May on October 22, 2017 at 10:50am

The gov is at war on everyone, particularly whites. The communist controlled gov has an official policy of imposing 14th status on whites and also in keeping other races under the 14th from understanding the truth about the 14th.

Since the 14th secures almost no rights, we need to re-invent it [ amend it ] to fully incorporate the 1st 8 amendments and in particular, the right to justice.  At present, 14th citizenship does not include either.

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