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Religious freedom is an extremely valued, and valuable, basic human right.But where does this right originate
from? Some may say "The 1st Amendment", but, where does the base for that originate from? Religious freedom was unacceptable several hundred years ago in Europe, when Europe was dividing itself into protestant and catholic nations. Religous freedom was trampled on then
(except for perhaps the monarch's "right" to tell you what you must believe), and then men stood up to tyranny and established religious freedom in an alliance of nations known as the "United States".But these men had to rebel against the king for these rights, the jury presiding over the case of William Penn disobeyed court orders in pre-revolution America to convict him for a crime in having a "false" religon, there was no 1st Amendment then. So men said that "men are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights", but these are the words of men, not of god, the oppressors of freedom were men, so how can we trust the words of men over the words of other men, when both sides of the spectrum were caused by the actions of men? Some could bring up "natural rights", but where do these natural rights come from? From the act of being born, maturing to a higher sense of awareness, from being acceptable by society? Or do these unalienable rights come endowed to us by something higher than us in wisdom, in morals, in honor? In this sense, religious freedom's highest justification, is religon, and it is doubtful that a land of liberty and justice, can be maintained, without this religious justification.
I would appreciate hearing your thoughts on this subject below in the comments.

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Comment by Benjamin on June 7, 2015 at 7:45am
That makes a lot of sense, I agree.
Comment by Online Professor on June 7, 2015 at 6:11am

Among our God given rights is the right to think and believe whatever we want as long as we respect the right of others to think and believe whatever they wan. The freedom of religion is actually the freedom of thought.

With the freedom of religion comes the responsibility to treat others ethically. Any institution calling itself a religion that seeks to compel others to believe what they believe is a political organization masquerading as a religion.

A true religion teaches us to love one another and to respect the lives, liberty and property of everyone on the planet. A true religion respects the right of the individual to think for themselves and to draw their own conclusion.

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