I am ashamed to even be an American because it links me to all of these worthless American IDIOTS  directly...who dare to call themselves PATRIOTS!!! AS IF!!!!!!!

The world is watching these MORONS and they are in disbelief that the Heroes of Iceland...only 300,000 total in that little country...can stand up UNITED AS ONE FORCE TO BE RECKONED WITH....AND THEY HAVE THE COURAGE and TENACITY to do so....WITHOUT HAVING ANY GUNS!!!  WTF!!!!  Here ...in the land of the COWARD KEYBOARD WARRIORS... We The People have the freakin guns...and STILL have nothing but piss all over our pants from FEAR!!!!!!!!!!   How pathetic is that....I am soooooooooooo sick of these assholes that don't even deserve to live in America...because they don't even have the GUTS to STAND UP and DEFEND HER....and what sickens me the most...is that all of these keyboard ...tough talking...dumbasses will no doubt be riding the coat tails of those of us that don't just TALK THE TALK...BUT WALK IT...I HATE THEM...AND I HATE THIS BULLSHIT ...AND I AM THE F**K OUT OF HERE...AND EVERY OTHER BULLSHIT KEYBOARD SITE AS WELL... I am done with these LOSERS....and by the way....THESE COMMENTS IN MY RANT DOES NOT INCLUDE Keith Broaders...as you and I personally KNOW that Keith WALKS THE WALK....He was with us at Bundy Ranch STANDOFF...and wanted to go with us to the FRONT LINES OF WEST VIRGINIA....I am honored to know you Keith...but I am OVER THESE STUPID ASS MOTHERF***ING SHEEPLE KEYBOARDING HERE ON YOUR SITE!!!!!!  Please forgive my rant Keith..but I am really ...really SICK OF THIS SHIT GOING ON IN OUR COUNTRY...THAT DOESN'T NEED TO BE ...and wouldn't be going on...and on...and on...if we would all grow the balls needed to STAND THE F**K UP ALREADY!!!!!!!!

In Solidarity & Freedom


TRUE American Patriot that WALKS THE MOTHERF***ING WALK!!!!!!

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Comment by Quisno Rodonovich on November 30, 2015 at 2:46pm

And the mighty have spoken. I resent that post as I have walked the walk and very easily have cavorted to mindless rage. But rage wont get this republic back Rage wont replace the martyrs who died in this nation. The only thing we have is our purpose and our honor.

I ask no quarter in debates. Nor do I give any to those who wish to rage at a population under chemicals both in their food and in their water.  I buy a new pair of shoes every year and would ask this person to walk in them back through my time in my County. I know I cant help this nation with out others but I dam well can and do help  in my community.

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