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Too many NYS Sheriffs, PBAs, related law enforcement groups, politicians and "Sparks of the Divine" (read homo sapiens) seem to think that the problem with the "SAFEACT" has to do with how the law was passed. As regards Sheriffs, Americans everywhere should be deeply disturbed by this objection.

Why? Because it is at once obvious and irrelevant.

The real issue is this; the "SAFEACT" is unconstitutional. PERIOD.

Take the politicians to the wood shed for their procedural indiscretions by all means.

But any Sheriff using this reasoning as their objection to this law ought to be voted out of his office immediately - if not sooner.

The only thing America needs to hear is that the law is unconstitutional, will be opposed by all Sheriffs on its unconstitutionality alone, and will hence be struck down; with all participants in the drafting and enactment of the law also to be removed from their office for violating their oath to uphold, protect and defend the Constitution.

There is no excuse for obfuscation through flowery, politically correct oration or obtuse logic and reason.

Wake up Sheriffs and PBAs. Get the reasoning right. It is the foundation for everything else that follows.

A weak foundation will not support a strong home.

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