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Subject: Sheriff Joe Arpaio under full attack by the left and La Raza
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Date: Saturday, February 23, 2013, 9:40 AM

I'm not asking you to donate if you can't but please pass on the information.

Fellow Patriot,

Just three weeks after he was sworn into office for a sixth term as Maricopa County Sheriff, a group of radical extremists filed a recall campaign to forcibly remove Sheriff Joe Arpaio from office.

This is very serious. These left-wing groups of agitators are the same ones who spent a fortune against Joe in last year’s campaign in an effort to defeat him - and nearly succeeded thanks to vicious attack ads funded by leftist billionaire George Soros and large national unions.

Joe won, barely. But because they didn’t like the outcome of that election they are now going to spend millions of dollars to force a recall election this coming fall.

And they are targeting him like never before - thanks to Sheriff Joe taking a strong national stand against Federal gun control, and deploying his Posse to defend schools from madmen like the one who targeted the kids in Sandy Hook, CT. And of course because Joe is the nation's leader in the fight against illegal immigration.

For these reasons, his opponents are more determined than ever to defeat him, and thus severely weaken the causes for which he fights. And they are moving fast.

So far they have raised over $1.3 million to defeat Sheriff Joe - in a mere three weeks!.

Sheriff Joe needs your help to stop them.

Please make an emergency donation to help Sheriff Joe right away - $15, $20, $35, $50, $100, $250 or whatever you can afford.

These sore losers just never stop. They figure if they can force an election in an off-year they’ll be able to turn out every pro-illegal alien voter and steal this election. And they have a track record now. We saw them do the very same thing Arizona Senate President Russell Pearce just over a year ago.

It’s clear that these people will go to any lengths to see Joe defeated and out of office. They’ll resurrect all the lies, distortions and personal attacks from last year’s campaign and use them against him this year.

We cannot let that happen. America cannot afford to lose Sheriff Joe. Please help Joe fight back now.

And what is this all about really? Why do they hate Sheriff Joe so much? It’s simple: Joe is the only law enforcement official in America that enforces all our laws against illegal immigration. Period.

And Joe also believes strongly in the Second Amendment to the Constitution, and refuses to do Washington's bidding to confiscate guns from his consitutuents. He has led hundreds of Sheriffs nationwide into taking a stand to protect the right to bear arms.

These strong, uncompromising stands have made Joe the #1 national target for the Left in an off-year election.

You were such an important part of Joe's victory last year even though we faced insurmountable odds. Joe certainly did not plan on this recall, but is compelled once again to ask for your support. The fight starts now. Over the next several months Joe is going to be bombarded with negative attacks and lies. He must have the necessary resources to defend his record and run a winning campaign.

Sheriff Joe does not care what threats they make. He will never back down one inch when it comes to doing the job he was JUST elected to do. Joe will continue enforcing all the laws on the books no matter what the consequences.

Sheriff Joe is going to need your help now more than ever before. This campaign starts NOW.

For nearly a dozen national left-wing groups, the defeat of Sheriff Joe is their top priority - and if we do not mobilize to help him now, we will lose this critical American leader and national icon, which will devastate the national fight against illegal immigration as other political leaders are scared away from the issue after Joe goes down.

His defeat would be an unprecedented victory by open-borders activists and gun-grabbers against the rule of law.

Joe will not quit. He cannot quit. But Joe does not have the resources to battle the Left, George Soros, national unions and the media by himself. He needs our help. He needs our help!

Will you join us? Sheriff Joe desperately needs your help now. His election has been targeted as the frontline in the battle to end illegal immigration. We must win this battle.

Please make an emergency donation to help Sheriff Joe right away - $15, $20, $35, $50, $100, $250 or whatever you can afford.

Thank you!

P.S. In addition to making a contribution, please do Joe a favor and forward this email to at least five of your friends, family members and other individuals who share our views. Together we can win this fight. Thank you.

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[Black Robe Reg] One of the most glaring differences between...

Saturday, February 23, 2013 6:27 AM
"Scott Charles Wolfe" <>

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One of the most glaring differences between...
Scott Charles Wolfe 6:27am Feb 23
One of the most glaring differences between Colonial and modern America is the attitude of our pastors.

In 1770-1776 (and actually for many years previous to this period), Colonial pastors (of all denominations) lit the fire of freedom in the hearts of their congregants like no generation has ever seen–before or since. The British Crown was so frustrated with these patriot-pastors that they coined a moniker for them. They were called, “The Black (or Black-Robed) Regiment.” In truth, Colonial pastors were more influential in the “holy cause of liberty” (Patrick Henry) from their pulpits than any military regiment on the battlefield. And, yes, many pastors in Colonial America also fought on the battlefields in our War for Independence.

Today’s pastors, on the other hand, are mostly noted for saying absolutely NOTHING about the attacks that are currently being waged against our liberties. And when I say NOTHING, I mean absolutely NOTHING. About the only thing they seem to be able to do is pass out some slanted “voter guides” every Presidential election. But most don’t even do that. A few (a very few) will encourage their congregations to protest abortion; some (again, a very small number) will preach a “pro-life” sermon on “Sanctity of Life” Sunday each January. But most deliberately and stubbornly refuse to take a public position on any subject that has the air of being “political.”

When Bible stories such as Daniel And The Lion’s Den, The Three Hebrew Children And The Burning Fiery Furnace, or the stories of Gideon, Jephthah, and Samson are told, they are taught simply as allegories or explained away as being for “another time.” The practical application of myriads of Bible examples of resistance to tyranny is NEVER TAUGHT in the vast majority of most churches today. NEVER!
I confess right out of the gate that this column is not going to be enjoyable for me to write. It ma...SHERIFF BRIGADES

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