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Survival Family Emergency Response & Preparedness Guide

Survival Family Emergency Response & Preparedness Guide


For Natural and Man made attacks and disasters to protect you and your family and Survive


by General Michael (Mick)   Webster, USCDA

With Contributors:

L.A Fire, FEMA, Capt. Richard Bailey, PhD, USCDA,  Deborah Jansen, Cheri Larson and Valerie Heath, with the collaboration of  United States Civil Defense Association . . This Emergency guide is designed to develop personal, family and community emergency preparedness. Understanding and facing the threat to America is important to every person. By having this vital information close at hand will help you protect yourself, family and community during an incursion, terrorist attack and other man-made and natural disasters. When other emergency services and law enforcement are overwhelmed and may be not available.

All of  Survival Family Emergency Response & Preparedness Guide is downloadable & freeEveryone is invited to copy, post, print, and distribute this Guide anywhere, as long as they do so without charging anything for it. It must be reproduced in entirety, including this notice, and not be altered or edited. To contact the author with comments and suggestions, Michael Webster . This guide will be continually up-dated so, before distributing it, download it fresh. or print it out.
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Survival Family Emergency Response & Preparedness Guide


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