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I am not sure how this is going to go. Right now, the federal, state, and even some county governments receive majority votes through bought poles by people who depend on welfare, unemployment ins, social security, healthcare, and food stamps. They are well aware that if the 'wrong people' are elected, they are going to have to fend for themselves, because free money will become extinct. (Social Security is included because our wonderful Pres Ronald 'Raygun' destroyed the SS positive balance by moving it into the general budget to alleviate the negative general deficit of his day. What a hero!! spelled 'tool') Is this not bought votes?  Those of us who work for our food and housing are politically outnumbered once you count the fools who vote straight party lines so they do not have to think, or not vote at all because they are lazy and try not to think too clearly, so the President we get is controlled using the very  tax dollars we send against us! I think each town should collect all taxes from residents, and if any outside government entity wants money for something they have to ask each town directly proving its necessity. I said ask, not demand. Therefore if they want the money they had better show up with a real good reason for it or if local elected officials are bought somehow the people will throw out their elected officials and stop the bleeding of working people. Then those local politicians who are locally dishonest would be wise to move out of town. I am a member of Oath Keepers, and if you really want to begin the long and arduous road of repair to our nation, you will look up Oath Keepers join us and put your back to the wheel, because your childrens' freedom is at stake and there is a tremendous gale on the horizon. Stand with your military and police active and retired friends and help us save our Republic. Its not too late ... yet.       For the Republic Tim Gard

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Comment by Christopher A. Brown on December 20, 2013 at 11:01pm
Hello Tim, I've known of oathkeepers since the beginning, and find they are very short of plan for defense of the constitution from a domestic enemy.
Then when one based in law, fully peaceful came along, there was no interest.

I've found agreement with Wayne here on the "old republic", he'd come to see maybe there is a way to alter or abolish the constitutionally suffocating infiltration of our government.

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