Isn't just a little bit ironic that since 1913, the banks have been robbing the people? 

When the Constitution was written, Congress was given the assignment to coin our money and "regulate the value thereof." They were also given the responsibility punish counterfeiters or anyone who debased our currency.

In 1913, Congress violated the Constitution when they delegated the authority to issue our money and control the value, to a privately held corporation known as the Federal Reserve.

The Federal Reserve Bank engages in counterfeiting when they issue Federal Reserve Notes. They create money out of thin air and they debase the currency through fractional reserve banking. As more money is pumped into the economy, the value of the dollars already in circulation become diluted. A dollar in 1913 was worth a dollar, it is now worth approximately ONE CENT!

The penalty suggested by our founding fathers for the crime of counterfeiting and the debasement of our money was the death penalty.

Not only has the Congress collectively violated their oaths to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution, they have been an accomplice in the theft of literally trillions of dollars.

Personally, I believe that the members of Congress have climbed in bed with the enemy and should be held accountable for their crimes.

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Comment by daniel allan:pendergast on October 6, 2017 at 3:43pm

Where the hell is the big mystery here? We can't seem to comprehend how this so-called government can pull all the crap that its pulling and not run afoul of the protections provided the people by The Constitution for the united States of America. Its not our government, folks!!! Our government was set aside after the Civil War and replaced by a corporation owned by the international banksters, the Crown and the Vatican. Our Constitution was never repealed as that would have awoken the people. It was merely shelved and an imposter put before us to keep us believing that nothing had changed. They took out the word 'for' and replaced it with the word 'of'. 'Of' means it belongs to Govco, not the people, and it is merely advisory in nature with no teeth of enforcement for the people. Its merely a set of corporate by-laws that can be completely ignored when that suits them.

We need to quit talking about making this government respond to the requirements of the Constitution. It will never happen. Teaching people to resist as did Ghandi is far more effective. Teaching people to learn their real responsibilities regarding things like registration of property, paying income taxes[cut off a good part of their funding], properly signing contracts in their private commercial world. Understanding the difference between the term 'person' and the term 'people' would go a long way in enlightening the masses. 

None of their so-called laws [merely public policy posing as laws] ever imposes any penalties against people, only persons-legal fictions. They never see a living man as a living man in court. They see him as a 'person', a legal fiction appearing [only fictions appear] as the fiduciary for the all caps legal fiction they have charged. The fiduciary has 'appeared' to pay the fine and do the time for the defendant.

Comment by Joseph Sanders Haas Jr. on October 6, 2017 at 10:44am

In 1920 our gov't gave THEM of in the "Fed "eral Reserve System that of what the former Assistant Treasurers of the United States had as powers of that they CAN requisition the gold and silver coins of "lawful money" from The U.S. Mint at face value, but will ANY bank ANY-where in the country write that 31CFR100.2 [  ] letter to their regional branch #___ of 12 to help their customers get this Article 20 "lawful tender" from The Coinage Act of 1792?  Approved of by Article 12 "consent" here in Chapter 28 Laws of New Hampshire of 1794 in Volume 6 at page 155 to be exact. The State Reps here in New Hampshire of to get their $200 per 2-year term "compensation" of AFTER they do their job, of to THEN get the Article 15, Part 2 $reward, of this dollar amount has been in the charter since 1889 that if only the State Treasurer they Article 67 elect would do his job! of to see to it that the $200 as representing __% of the average pay back then be paid in thus now of more gold coins than silver coins as Founding Father Roger Sherman left it up to each State to deal with the details of this ratio of what's required in Article I, Section 10 of the United States Constitution. THEN with these constitutional coins they can exchange for more of the commerce variety from The Coinage Act of 1965 at the local Coin Shop to spend the latter in the marketplace, for goods and services of not needing a raise in pay in numbers of quantity, but that of quality! Get it? To finally get to that of a "Living Wage". 

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