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The men who met in Philadelphia to amend the Articles of Confederation wanted to create a new form of government that would form a more  perfect union. The purpose of the Constitution was to govern the government not to control the people.

They fully understood that if they did not limit the size and scope of their new government it would become as tyrannical as the one that had existed prior to the revolution.

They felt that the best way to insure that that the liberty of the people would be safe was to prevent the government from becoming too powerful. The Constitution was written to govern the government and limit it capacity to abuse the people  it was created to  protect.

The anit-federalists believed that the interests of the people and the states would be in serious jeopardy if the Constitution was not strictly enforced. They believed in a small central government with limited powers while the federalists believed that a large and powerful government with virtually limitless power would best serve the interests of people.

The Constitution has not failed us, by allowing it to be interpreted liberally, we the people have allowed rich and powerful Wall Street bankers and corporations to turn the government into a gigantic crime syndicate. The government that was created to be our servant and become our master. We were to be the employer and the government bureaucrats were to be our employees.

Power is a very dangerous thing and when those motivated by greed and the lust for power are able to seize control the lives, liberty and property of the people are no longer secure. In order to live in a free society we must take responsibility and hold our government and elected officials accountable. If we fail to do so we have no one to blame but ourselves.

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The Constitution can not protect us, if the people fail to defend it..

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Comment by Trusader on July 6, 2017 at 1:31pm

Why must my comment be approved as in here ..

" Your comment must be approved before everyone can see it.?

Comment by Trusader on July 6, 2017 at 1:29pm


Amend does not = CREATE! 

The men who 'met' in Philly had a strict directive to:

HERE is the Resolution of the Continental Congress dated Feb. 21, 1787, to call a convention to be held at Philadelphia, (you will find information at the bottom of the page and then top of next page) 

“…for the sole and express purpose of revising the Articles of Confederation…”

Now that we know.  Now that we have finally figured it out .. That directive did not occur, and the 'men/traitors usurped our organic form of governance 'DOES this means we have been under a false directive or charter for 240 years', and that The United States of America under the Article of Confederation was abandoned?


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