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The certificate represent units of exchange rather than dollars.  Anyone in a community has the right to exchange these certificates for goods ans services from other participating  members. The Constitution defines what the government can use as money, it does not dictate what the people can use to engage in commerce. We have a God given right to use our time and talent to produce things of value and a right to buy or sell our property without government interference.

"The Final Jihad," Is This The Way America Ends?

Watch this compilation of the initial local news broadcasts that were reported immediately after the Government sponsored False Flag attack on the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building, in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, on April 19 1995.

The Media is reporting information it received from the Bomb Squad, who stated that it had recovered 1 bomb that had not detonated from inside the building, and was looking for another one.

How did they know these bombs were in the building, and where to look for them?

Obviously, Deep State Agents put the bombs in the Murrah Building, and knew if they were found it would be possible to identify the bomb makers, so the bombs had to be retrieved.

The Clinton Administration wanted to dispose of the various Militias that were growing in popularity in America at that time, but was blocked by the 2nd Amendment. So, in an attempt to destroy their credibility, Bill Clinton accused the State Militias, and Right Wing Talk Radio, of being responsible for the bombing. 

Another interesting fact, is that the Governor of Oklahoma at the time of the bombing was Frank Keating, a former FBI agent, and assistant secretary of the Treasury who supervised the Secret Service, U.S. Customs, and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms.

Keating's uncle, Barney Martin, was a career intelligence officer who headed the U.S. Navy's worldwide foreign intelligence collection operations and counterintelligence activities.

Keating's brother, Martin Keating, published a fictional story in 1996 based on the destruction of America by militant terrorists called, "The Final Jihad." Ironically, one of the characters in the book is named, Tom McVeigh!

Please note that at the end of this video, a man named Dr. Randall Heather, a media anointed terrorism expert says, "It was a great stroke of luck, that we actually have got defused bombs, it's through the bomb material, that we'll be able to track down uh, who committed,"  and the video ends.

WHAT HAPPENED TO THOSE BOMBS?  As everyone knows the entire story then changes, and Tim McVeigh, (the patsy) is blamed for the now infamous Oklahoma City Bombing...

"The Final Jihad,"  Logical Figment Books, 597 pages.  Is this the way America Ends? You can buy the book here:

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