"{NEVER AGAIN}"!!!!!!! Sadly this Patriot Preacher lost Jewish friends, because he was a Militia Chaplain!
May God bless and keep you in His arms.

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NJ: Jewish Woman Who Quoted Constitution at Homeowners Meeting on Taxes
Arrives Home and is Promptly Arrested, House Searched, Guns Confiscated

Welcome to Obama and Biden's Amerikka where it's now "patriotic to pay
taxes" but treasonous to complain about them, especially if you start
quoting your Constitutional Rights:

N.J. Mother Arrested, Guns Confiscated- By Attending Property Tax
Dispute Forum
Eileen Hart and her husband, Keith, are property owners in Newfield, New
On Saturday, March 9 there was an informal meeting at the Gloucester
Community Center, to discuss the findings on "revaluations" by Appraisal
Systems, Inc.- a company which has been contracted by the state of New
Jersey- to assess the fair market property values for each county or
borough- for the tax assessor's offices.
There has been much derision caused by these "revaluations" by
homeowners, because property values have fallen dramatically- and the
real estate market has been hit very hard . There is nothing "fair"
about the market or the home values that have been assessed, according
to many New Jersey families.
Ms. Hart attended the meeting, armed with- as she said "her Constitution
and the facts."
Said Hart "I tried to express my opinion and tell them that my
Constitutional rights had been violated. I began quoting the
Constitution, line by line.
Ms. Hart tried to explain, that Appraisal Systems, Inc. was attempting
to inspect her property without her husband being present. As an
Orthodox Jew, this is against the tenets of her religion. Her husband
had to be present. According to Ms. Hart, she was unable to express this
a href="http://asinj.com/our-staff.asp?c=7" target="_blank">http://asinj.com/our-staff.asp?c=7> A representative of Appraisal
Systems, Inc. -(<List of Appraisal System Employees at this link)
apparently took offense to her objections and brought in
a href="http://www.co.gloucester.nj.us/depts/b/botcounty/default.asp" target="_blank">http://www.co.gloucester.nj.us/depts/b/botcounty/default.asp> Robyn
Glocker-Hammond, the Tax Assessor - who stated that her job was to
"enforce the law."
(This writer was under the impression that Tax Collectors collected
taxes. They are NOT "law enforcement." But then, I am not a Tax
Collector in New Jersey. )
Relates Hart: "She also wouldn't let me speak and told me to sit down
and shut up and listen as well. That's when the young man came toward
me. I knew he was going to put his hands on me. I saw him out of the
corner of my eye. I said to him "Don't you dare touch me." Then they
threw us out of the auditorium. The young man from Appraisal Systems,
Inc. was the one going postal, and I believe if HE HAD A GUN, he would
have shot me, Keith and Khloe on the spot. I was calm the entire time."
When the Harts left the gathering, they were followed into the parking
lot of the community center, and the same young man who had been so
upset by Ms. Hart's comments in the community center, started screaming
and shouting at her, took down the license plate number of her vehicle
and said - "See if you are able to pay your property taxes NOW!"
Eileen didn't understand what that shouted threat meant, until she
returned to her home with her family.
When they arrived, there were 5 police cars from the Franklinville
Police Department. They advised her that the Clayton Police wanted to
talk to her about the allegations.
States Hart "For the record, both the police officers DID acknowledge
that it was "an allegation."
Her purse was taken from her and she was put into a "paddy wagon,"
transported to the police station-
Her young daughter witnessed the events and was traumatized to see her
mother being treated like a common criminal.
She was arrested and booked for "terroristic threats" and "contempt."
At the police station, she was handcuffed to a chair.
The cops ran a background check- and it revealed that she had absolutely
NO criminal record. It also showed that she was the lawful owner of two
hand guns. She was advised to turn in the guns over to the court
(surrendered or confiscated) - and they would be held for "safe
keeping." If she did not- she was told by the police- her bail would be
VERY high. And- if she could not make the bail- she would sit in the
county jail until an unknown date.
The complaint (in part) states: The State of New Jersey vs. Eileen B.
Hart -"The Defendant was yelling and screaming and making the
threatening comment. "If the door is locked. I'll be back with a gun."
Ms. Hart denies she ever made this statement, as does her husband,
Keith. However, this is how the complaint was written up by Clayton
County Sergeant J. Dick- who, it may be noted, was not present during
the meeting.
She surrendered her guns and was released on her own recognizance.
This is not America, ladies and gentleman.
This is TYRANNY.
Eileen Hart's parents were survivors of The Holocaust.
To her- this is like "Deja Vu all over again."


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